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Mr. Churchill’s tank…AFV Club 1/35 Infantry escort….

March 15, 2013 · in Armor · · 10 · 4.6K

After TONS of fiddling I'm calling this done (except of course for the commander figure I'm still fooling with). 's Churchill namesake is a great kit. When I saw the boxart of this new release, festooned with spare track link "armor", I hadda do it. All of this was arranged after staring at many pics of Churchills in action, note some Sherman links mixed in. I also bought the set of "workable" plastic links AFV Club sells. Stowage is some homemade and some storebought. White Ensign's WCC15 Brit Olive Drab is the base coat, covered with crud from weathering sticks (which are rapidly getting hard to find). I really like these water-based tools as they dry real fast and take flatcoats without changing color. I think this is one cool looking beastie, hope they come out with a Mark I in the future. Anyway this is depicting a Churchill entering a German village in early 1945, the end is near.

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  1. Nice-lookin' build, Bill...those tracks really look the part (if ya know what I mean) - just the right amount of mud, dirt, rust and weathering to convince me it's a real tank. It isn't, is it...?

  2. AFV kits are hard to beat and with the weathering bordering on perfect ...thats a Goldie locks build if I ever saw one.

    A kit Well Done, Well done indeed.

    Two thumbs up.

  3. Ho hum, another boring Koppos creepy-crawly, done to the same old boring standard of real excellence. 🙂

    I've always thought that Churchill was a cool looking tank, it's so Brit-funky. You've really done it justice.

  4. Nice looking clank, clank I'm a tank. Did the crew use the main gun to bag the chicken? That was a really inspired addition, what did use to fabricate a chicken?

    • Yay the first guy to like my chicken. I think the loader caught it in a barnyard. Saw this in a film clip on U-Tube. Made from wire, tissue and sliced paper. Still need to trim the feathers a bit.

  5. This is fantastic. Great work on both the tank and the "equipment" 🙂

  6. Well if that ain't deserving of a ten, I don't know what is. BEE_YOO_TEE_FULL! The finish, weathering, stowage and general level of detainl (gorgeous antennas) are all excellent. The chicken makes it truly yours... I mean who else?... Clank on!

  7. Excellent work, Bill! One of my favourite tanks.
    Which exact version of the AFV Club kit is this, is it perhaps the Mk III or IV Churchill?

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