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Hobby Boss 1/72 HH-60H Rescue Hawk [Late Version]

April 6, 2013 · in Aviation · · 10 · 4K

Recently, I have been working on helicopter kits, but this is my first one in scale. I uysed Model Master enamels thinned with lacquer thinner through a Grex airbrush, buffing metalizers on the rotor blades, Future brushed on over the decals, final coat of MM Acrylic Semi Gloss Clear.

One last thing I want to try is to mix some clear green acrylic with Future and tint the upper clear parts on the cockpit.

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  1. Impressive. Wonder how did you find the Hobbyboss kit?

    • If you mean how did I locate a source for the kit, a fellow club member ordered a bunch of kits for the rest of us, and I don't remember where he said he found them. As far as what I found when building the kit, I am not experienced enough to do a review, but I thought the detail was extremely well done, there was very little flash and mold lines to be cleared up and that was easy. I didn't have to modify any parts to make them fit together, and the really delicate parts, really really delicate parts, were protected with a wrapping of a foam like strip of material. The instructions included no color call outs for any parts except for the fuselage, one rocket/missile part, and a couple of square bulges on the sides of the fuselage - nothing for the interior, rotor blades, wheels/tires, etc.

      The attachment of main rotor blades to the rotor head was not intended for ham fisted assemblers like me - very tiny pegs into little holes, with very small contact surface areas. They will not take any stress, and should be strengthened IMHO.

      The instructions/pictures for assembling the rocket/missile item are not very clear; I finally figured out that two of the four fins are to be installed in a folded position.

      I can't comment on accuracy since I know practically nothing about machines that fly - it looks like a little helicopter to me.

      I enjoyed it after somewhat overcoming the fear of 1/72.

  2. Looks pretty good from here...especially in that smaller scale - so what's the overall length of the kit in 1?72nd ?

    • Thank you Craig.
      It's 8-5/8 inches from top of the tip of the rudder to front of that round thingie on the nose of the fuselage; 10-3/4 inches from rear of the rear rotor arc to the front of the main rotor arc. The main rotor is 8-3/4 inches in diameter. I was also amazed at the results I got in this scale although I did experience some problems handling small items, which I do in all scales however.

  3. Very good looking Rescue Hawk Larry. The Hobby Boss kit sure builds up nice.

  4. said on May 19, 2013

    Larry .. you posted ONE Sikorsky UH-34D from my old outfit, from H&MS 26 from New River MCAS, NC .. I worked in the para-chute loft, and worked on these a LOT ! I had hoped someone would include a pic of one .. much less one from our outfit .. THANKS .. OH YEAH .. GREAT job on the on those choppers ... very realistic looking ! Sgt. Ray B. Hall

  5. said on May 19, 2013

    I looking over the models again, I see EVERYHING JUST RIGHT .. especially the old UH-34D .. IT IS PERFECT, GUY ! From the blades, to the needed arrows "rescue" on the sides ! Your patience in doing these
    SHOWS !

  6. said on May 19, 2013

    Larry .. the yellow Corsair IS fantastic in detail .. especially the cock-pit ...
    NEVER say you cannot handle small pieces of a model ...OK?

    • said on May 19, 2013

      Thank you for the kind remarks, Sgt Hall. I didn't think I had posted pictures of the UH-34D and the yellow [Green Bay Packers] Corsair here, but I appreciate the comments regardless. My oldest cousin's husband is a career Marine, retired, and served on their helicopters all over from the late 50's to late 70's. I wanted to do that kit for him, but couldn't get enough details for the correct decals for his Vietnam aircraft. Our oldest son is retired Army, and was in helicopters, mainly Blackhawks, during his 21+ years.

      Regards and thanks for your service.

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