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What-if Sweden!

April 26, 2013 · in Aviation · · 8 · 2.7K

More what-ifs! This time based around a general Swedish theme: aircraft that never served in the Swedish Air Force and Swedish aircraft painted in fictional markings. Note that some of the aircraft are fictional in themselves, can you spot them?

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  1. Spectacular Stuff! I Love Each And Every One!

  2. Beautiful work! I really like the "Viggens" but my favorite has to be that F-5. How much Tamiya tape do you go through? I think I would have to uncross my eyes after a bit.

  3. Sorry, that would be an F-20. Again, excellent work.

  4. The "Viggens" and the J-21 twin almost slip past...

  5. Friends! What I found so remarkable with this class was the amount of work spent on all of these! If I should allow myself to pick one it has to be the Arsenal VG-40 (the one in a diorama setting with the skull-and-crossbones insignia on the fuselage) that was a remarkable piece of work!



  6. This is quite a food for thought - what if Sweden climate suddenly turned arid. The title photo of Gripen is the perfect answer. Great collection - I had a lot of fun, and there are some seriously good models there - Arsenal, Hurricanes, Ta-152 just to name the few. And this SJ Draken got me thinking - what if US Air Defence bought Drakens instead of F-106s?

  7. Very cool Magnus! 😎👍 Are pics 14 and 15 of the fictional aircraft?

  8. Gary! Fun that people find these very old articles 🙂 ! You're right, they are fictional even if they to me look very plausible. Looking closer, it's a SAAB Viggen main wing, fin and rear fuselage with an F-16 front fuselage and a canard wing of unknown pedigree 🙂 !

    Best regards


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