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What-if modeling

Rheintochter R1 Anti Aircraft Missile on E-75 Carrier (What-if/1946) (1/72)

My anti aircraft missile "Rheintochter1" on E-75 carrier. (What- if) (Modelcollect UA72092) One of the almost infinite model variants of Modelcollect with their pro´s and contras. No flash, no sinkmarks, sharp edges however, [...]

E-75 Heavy Assault Flammpanzer "Drache", What- If/1946 (1/72)

A "what if- what if " project: E-75 flamethrower tank. I think most of you know the German E-series designs that should be the next generation of German devices. However, the end of the war in 1945 meant that there were only [...]

E-100 Ausf.B, What- If/1946 (1/72)

I bought this kit (Modelcollect, UA72068) second hand and therefore a few parts of the contents were missing. PE parts, a few other small parts and the tracks. I got the small PE set from Voyager Model (PE72005) to replace them, but the [...]

E-50 Flakpanzer w. 5,5cm FlaK55, Germany in late 1945- What-If/1946

E-50 Flakpanzer (Trumpeter, 07124) One of the biggest mistakes of the Trumpeter box art is that they always show their 1/35 models on it, therefore, the content doesn´t quite match what is shown. The kit doesn´t contain many parts and is [...]

P-47S Thunderhog? for the twenty first century. 1/72 Revell.

This started out as Revells 1/72 P-47M. Until my twisted mind spent too much time figuring out what scheme to choose. The result is a somewhat updated Thunderbolt. Utilizing modern ground attack weapons, some additional bumps and antennae [...]

Monogram RF-101B Voodoo

"Black Magic" is the name I gave her way back when she was first built. It has now been about 20 years since I came up with a "what if" plan for the Monogram kit. I had the kit in my stash for awhile before deciding [...]

What-If: Northrop F/A-20C TigersharkFreedom Model Kits 1/48

Good day. As we wrap up 2022, I've been fortunate enough to have some time to wrap up one more kit. This time, I present something a bit different, a "whiffer" or what-if aircraft, an ANG "F/A-20C" Tigershark. The [...]

Su-300 SAM

Greetings, this would be alternative history soviet SAM on Su-100 chassis. Time period would be late 1950s. Missile tubes are from confetti candy with styrene, wires, table tennis ball.

The Paw Sunday Massacre

On the fifth of April, the Empire of Nyappon launched it's surprise multi-pronged assaults throughout the Eastern Archipelagoes, simultaneously striking key targets in order to neuter opposition from its island neighbors as quickly as [...]

CNS Aircraft Carrier Destroyer CVD-01 Capitan Prat "What If" (1/350, Heller-kitbashing-Scratch)

After more than 7 months, +750 parts and 280 hours work, finished Aircraft Carrier Capitan Prat, completely imaginary model, from an idea that occurred the late 60s in Chile, when they thought of having an aircraft carrier but was ruled [...]