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The Paw Sunday Massacre

On the fifth of April, the Empire of Nyappon launched it's surprise multi-pronged assaults throughout the Eastern Archipelagoes, simultaneously striking key targets in order to neuter opposition from its island neighbors as quickly as [...]

CNS Aircraft Carrier Destroyer CVD-01 Capitan Prat "What If" (1/350, Heller-kitbashing-Scratch)

After more than 7 months, +750 parts and 280 hours work, finished Aircraft Carrier Capitan Prat, completely imaginary model, from an idea that occurred in the late 60s in Chile, when they thought of having an aircraft carrier but was [...]

1/48th Revell BF109 G10

Fictional markings, but camo and colours authentic. First ever go at mottling, its not great, but its not as bad as i expected it to be. Sorry for the bad photos.

Supermarine Batfire Mk. I

While the whole world was embroiled in the dark days of WWII, in Gotham City a battle still raged for the soul of the Metropolis. Bruce Wayne had the resources to battle the endless parade of archvillains, but how to best use his wealth? [...]

An "arrow" that was no longer shot: Do-335B-4 reconnaissance aircraft

Fighter, fighter-bomber, reconnaissance plane, night fighter, high-altitude reconnaissance plane, "destroyer": since the beginning of 1943, truly far-reaching plans were being pursued with the Do-335 "Arrow"! With [...]

19 - 1/72 Italeri RAH-66 Comanche

What a fun build this was, the Italeri 1/72 RAH-66 Comanche Only 2 prototypes were ever made and the one was black and the other Helo Drab. I decided to do something a little different and created a What if US marines version. This [...]

Rickshaw Hover

Its been awhile since I did a anti-gravity vehicle. I think its time to hop back on that track again. ;). This build was inspired by Andre Webe's sci-fi rickshaw generated 3D model. At first, I added a canopy but had to remove it because, [...]

Tiger I Ausf. H2, 7.5cm KwK42 by Dragon..."What If?" Project

Dragon/Smart kit, 1/35 #6883. It represents 13. Panzer Regt., LAH, Prokhorovka, Operation Citadel (Battle of Kursk), July 1943. I have the following data: This Tiger I Ausf. H2 was a prototype by the Henschel company. Only a wooden mock-up [...]

Pee Pjin JR-1 Hua Shang Ling 1/48 Chinatown Whatif Model

Chinese fighter, a cheaper answer to the Russian Su-34. It is characterized by the absence of a kitchen for long flights, due to the placement of a box of rice and chopsticks under the seats. The only known film was alienated by the Czech [...]

Testors 1/48th F19 Stealth617 Sqd. Royal Air Force

Loved building this kit. 10/10 would build again if the kits werent rarer than hibs fans at a home game 😉 Decals liberated from an old tornado kit, paint scheme roughly that of a 90's F4 Phantom II, dog hairs courtesy of my pooch.