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What-if modeling

F-8X Super Crusader,

Here's another Whatiffer. Eliminating the bridle catapult set up by adopting the nose gear hook up from the A-7, including the main landing gear also installing a 20mm vulcan, instead of those prone to jam singles, an engine change [...]

E-75 Flakpanzer 5,5cm (Rheinmetall Turret) (1/72)

Flakpanzer on E-75 Standardpanzer chassis. 5,5cm Zwillingsflak- Gerät 58, Rheinmetall turret. For this project i´ve used Modelcollect´s UA72019 kit. This kit is based on their pre- built collection series, which means that all the tools [...]

Travelling globally at Mach 3.5: the future looked so limitless! Boeing 7207, America's Supersonic Transport of the 70s!

Europe's Concorde, the Soviet Union's Tupolev Tu-144 - and the USA's Boeing 2707: this is what the world of supersonic passenger aviation would have looked like from the 1970s onwards according to US plans. It was obvious that the American [...]

What if - 21st century PT boat

Sometime in the near future - Central American and Mexican drug cartels, emboldened by tepid US government response, have become increasingly brash and daring, especially along the US Gulf coast. Drugs and humans are being smuggled in [...]

PT-217 Twin Kaydet

Here's what happened when I tried to build two Revell PT-17s at the same time. I spent more time sniffing glue than reading instructions and things got a bit confusing...whatever, As I was thinking about all the thousands of future [...]

VK 72.01(K) Paper Panzer (1/72)

Armory's VK 72.01(K) Another paper tank/ what- if project of mine. As far as I have learned, only a scale wood model was made by Krupp and no documents may have survived. Design from 1942 for a 72 ton class vehicle. ...however, I have to [...]

E-50 Standardpanzer (Paper Panzer) (1/72)

E-50 tank in an alternative variant design. My idea behind it was to create a slight departure from the previously known E-50/ 75 designs and incorporated elements of Panther and Panther II. I reduced the original tracks width and used [...]

sci-fi ww2 concept

This was guide idea (link) my version, imagined as CAS aircraft with lots of weapons under wings, fuselage full of fuel, wings for lot of lift.

Rheintochter R1 Anti Aircraft Missile on E-75 Carrier (What-if/1946) (1/72)

My anti aircraft missile "Rheintochter1" on E-75 carrier. (What- if) (Modelcollect UA72092) One of the almost infinite model variants of Modelcollect with their pro´s and contras. No flash, no sinkmarks, sharp edges however, [...]

Toyota TS050 Race car with an A6M5 feel

I am an airplane guy. I joined a group build that had as its theme motor sports. I had picked up this Tamiya kit a few months ago with the intent of giving it a Japanese fighter feel. The main color is IJN Dark Green. I shot the hood in [...]