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This was scratch built diorama built back in 2014. The scale is . The dio is pretty much done for the exception of one more figure to be added. The last figure will be a boy pointing to the corner of the building, alerting the insurgents that they( us troops) are coming around the corner. I am in the process of painting the figure, so will add that when it is completed and will post the pics.

The next addition is the concrete canopy on the right. I simply used a piece of pink Styrofoam and glued it in place and painted it a concrete color. No biggy there. I also added another canopy made of corrugated material. Made the bracing of some pieces of white polystyrene and glued that in place after painting it blue. I think the variation of these two objects adds a little spice to the dio.

I added a small sign which I took off the internet. That is in fact a pic of a real sign that one of the US soldiers were posting up. I just downloaded it and re-sized it in Photoshop. I thought it was a cool sign.

I added another satellite dish and a mast for a antennae array on the top of the building. I was given a pic which showed many of these on one building alone but decided to limit the amount as I did not want to risk cluttering the diorama.

I added another insurgent figure from Blast models. I hand bought it and saved it for a rainy day. I guess that rainy day came.

I included MIG street lights, which are pretty good. I also went ahead and bought a dumpster to place the garbage in it at the side of the building. All resin and are pretty good products. I thought it added life and variation. Variation is the key. But you all know that already.

8 additional images. Click to enlarge.

12 responses

  1. Charles, amazing output. What we used to call "gritty realism". 'Nuff said.

  2. Fantastic work, Charles...what becomes of all your dioramas?

    • Well, this one was dismantled because I was not satisfied with certain areas. Hence the new smaller 'around the corner diorama' I posted. Yes, I know. I had one guy scolded me for dismantling it. But for me, it is a learning phase. I have an issue, if something continues to bug me, then it has to go. or rectified. In this case, I got rid of it.

  3. It is hard not to be moved by the drama and the tension of this scene. Feels very realistic.

  4. Excellent - lots of imagination goes into these, and as Martin said - you can feel the tension.

  5. You`ve certainly got a great talent there Charles. Love your work.

  6. Ouh la la, Monsieur (hats off)

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