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F4J flown by then CO of VF-143 “Pukin Dogs” on board Constellation.

May 30, 2013 · in Aviation · · 9 · 2.3K

I built this model and presented it to retired Captain Marland Townsand. He flew it when he was CO of VF-143. He went on to be the CO of Kitty Hawk prior to his retirement. He is one of the members of our little "Military Mafia" lunch bunch. A great bunch of gentlemen lunch mates and for whom I am proud to have built models of their aircraft also.
This is a F4 and as such has played the roll of a J, a B, and, an S. Call it what you may but for this purpose it is a J

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  1. Beautiful Phantom, Frank...nice photos as well. It's nice to see the build presented to the pilot. Good for you. Nice build...nice gesture.

  2. Such a cool moment. Not only presenting the F-4 but also sharing some time and I'm sure some great stories of his adventure. Way to go Frank.

    Fly Navy

  3. that is a lovely build of a wonderful kit...and the way you track these guys down and honor them warrants my highest respect for you

  4. beautiful phantom Frank this holds a special place in my heart I to served aboard the kittyhawk as an ABH

  5. Hey Frank, the Military Mafia eh...hear they are a good lot to hand with! Great looking Phantom!

  6. or "Hang with"...all thumbs today!

  7. It just goes to show that even with the old and fairly basic Monogram kit you can turn out a beautiful model. Great modelling skills and great story too.

  8. Ryan,

    That you for your compliment. Welcome to iModeler and I look forward to seeing your posts.

    Sadly, Captain Marland Townsend passed away on July 28,2020, he was two months away from 93. He had been suffering for years with Parkinson's. He was indeed a fine gentleman. If you are at all interested, may I suggest that you find and read the following books concerning his time as CO of Kitty Hawk. "Troubled Waters, by Gregory A. Freeman and "A Sailor's Story, Black & White", by David B. Almond.

    Take care


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