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Incom T65 x-wing Finemolds 1/48

May 11, 2013 · in Uncategorized · · 7 · 2.2K

If RJ Mitchell (god bless him) had been born a long time ago in a galaxy far far away he would have come up with this, Surely the X wing is the most fantastic space craft design ever.The Finemolds kit was typical of a Japanese kit maker that is to say amazing,the only flaw with this kit is that the canopy glass should be tinted,I tried dipping it in Johnsons clear mixed with Tamiya smoke but it just gathered at the lowest point so I washed it off and left well alone.

I decided to mask of and paint the wing/fuselage markings myself though I did use a couple of the kit decals and added a few bits of stenciling from my spares box ,I achieved the battle damage to the red paint by using Maskol in little blobs and wiping it off after painting a technique I have wanted to try for a while.She's dirtied up using a combination of artists oils ,Tamiya smoke ,charcoal and crushed up pencil graphite, I really had fun with this one.

Your comments please N.

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  1. I don't think that RJ Mitchell would have drawn this with the straight lines such as it is. Surely an elliptcal X-wing would have worked better even in space? This design looks more like it came from the likes of North American!

    Having said this, beautiful build.

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    said on May 11, 2013

    Cool x wing Neil. I like the chipping effect, works well i think.

  3. Awesome X-Wing, Neil! Certainly the closest thing to a Spitfire among the Rebel Alliance craft.

  4. Looks like the X-wing actually evolved from a Wirraway!

    Nice job, I like the model a lot.

  5. Nice one!

    I had the MPC kit when I was a kid, ( 36 years ago...)

    I can recall my older brother building a X-wing out of cardboard for me so I could play with it with my Star Wars action-figures. (Because those X-wings to play with were bloody expensive) I vividly recall that he used foto negatives for the tinted glass of the canopy...
    Aaahhhh...the good old days...thank you for showing your beautiful X-wing and making me feel old...

  6. Excellent job neil great weathering next stop the DEATH STAR

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