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SAAB J35 Draken Hasegawa 1/48

May 4, 2013 · in Aviation · · 8 · 5.4K

New month, new models!

The Saab 35 was a Swedish fighter aircraft manufactured by Saab between 1955 and 1974. The distinctive design incoporate a "double-delta" configuration, with one delta wing within another large delta. The inner wing has an 80° angle for high speed performace, while the outer 60° wing gives good performance at lower speeds. Propulsion was provided by a single Svenska Flygmotor RM 6B/C turbojet. A ram turbine, under the nose, provide emergency power.

This model represents a Finnish version HävLLv 11 1984, DK-201

The kit is accurate and with good fit as usual, but a bit simple for the scale and because I didn't have any aftermarket I've decided to make some improvements from scratch. I've added some detail in the cockpit, especially on the left panel that was a bit empty and I put the two support bars in the windscreen.

I decided to drop the flaperons in order to make it look more interesting. Doing that required adding more detail at the wing root section at the rear with a perforated sheet metal cover.
Other improvements were hollowing the intake vents, replacing the solid navigation lights with clear ones, cutting the tail rudder to displayed it at an angle, making a display base etc.

Hope you guys like it!


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8 responses

  1. Very nice work as usual,the Draken still looks modern today.Imagine an updated version with two engines and two tail fins WOW,now theres a project Hmmmm...

  2. This beast looks like a straight-razor with wings. I really dig the camo pattern. What colors did you use? Great job as always.

    • Hi Seamus, glad you like it!. About the camo pattern; the two base colours I've use were Olive Drab (Tamiya XF-62) and Midnight Blue (Gunze H55). Although I've played with shades of shadows and lights to give some variations and make it look faded and worn off. At the end the contrast between the two colours was to harsh to me so in order to blend them I've airbrushed an overall thin coat of the green colour.

      I Hope I've explained it clearly!

      cheers mate!

  3. Nice-lookin' detail work, Jorge...I like that base, too.

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    Walt said on May 4, 2013

    I am not a modern jet guy, but I have to say that is one beautiful job there. I really like the scheme and your interpretation of it. It looks great. The presentation on the base is excellent.

  5. Thanks for all the great comments!...To me the Draken is certainly a bizarre looking aircraft, not with the usual plane profile and definitely one of those that people either hate or love...I personally LOVE IT!

  6. Beautiful finish on the Draken- really well done.

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