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North American P-51H MustangModelsvit 1/48

June 27, 2020 · in Aviation · · 19 · 2K

As an addition to Eric's recent post and lovely California built P-51H, I'd like to finally share my ANG P-51H, built completely OOB, with exception of the use of Eduard belts.

I began this build back in Oct/Nov, and had at the time started this build topic which documents most of the build up through about 90% complete:

After getting the finish squared away, I sat on my hands deciding about whether or not to weather it up, and how best to go about that with the somewhat unique and somewhat finicky Vellejo Metal Varnish that I sprayed over (and under) the decals. To-date, the only thing I've done was some light washing over the rudder, some tonal variation on the OD anti-glare, and some thinned Tamiya X-19 for exhaust and guns. Nothing more was done with the NMF.

My only big beefs with this kit were the fitment of the front canopy, and the positioning of the landing gear. Unfortunately, i feel like the gear is angled too far forward, but that was the only position were the multiple [not so positive] mounting points seemed to all align without the wheels having a bunch of toe angle. Perhaps this had something more to do with the alignment of the landing gear bay walls... idk.

The thing I enjoyed about this kit the most was detailing the cockpit, which can be seen in the build thread.

Anyway, I hope you like my build of this "ugly duckling" of the Mustang family.

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  1. Yours looks absolutely terrific too! I wasn’t happy with the landing gear either. Especially the lame, figure it out yourself attachment points. But you gotta admit, it’s a very good kit over all and a worthy addition to one’s mustang corral.

    • Exactly! Very frustrating, but the results are worth it. I can't wait for their F-82. When I got this kit, it jumped straight to the top of my build list, and the Twin would likely do the same.

  2. Looks great. I think the weathering is just right.

  3. I had the same problem with the landing gear! I ended up having to drill the faint depressions in the wheel well deeper (almost drilled out) and jam the landing gear into place then secure with lots of Tamiya extra thin and supported with CA glue droplets.

    A better attachment point would have helped...

    • Yes, the strut attachment was essentially 3 butt joint, none of which were really square to each other.. and the actuation arm mounted to two points in the wheel well and one on the strut. Essentially leaves you trying to line up 6 soft joints at the same time. CA glue was my friend.

  4. That's a great build, Andrew!
    It's really nice to admire not one but two Modelsvit P-51Hs ont his site practically the same day.
    All the best!

  5. Andrew, @pb_legend
    You did a fantastic job with your Mustang...

  6. Good looking pony Andrew. Not the prettiest of the breed but quite fast.

  7. I really like the weathering, and not least the finish on the NMF. Well done!

  8. @airbum, I'm glad the weathering is agreeable. I didn't say it originally, but I actually tried to use some Tamiya panel line on the lower front cowling, and it seems to start eating at the Vallejo Metal Varnish. By the time I got it off, the finish had taken a bit of a beating, but it added some variation to the cowling as if the metal was worn and uneven. Instead of touching it up, I just did the same thing to the other side! You can really only see it in the second to last gallery pic. One of those things you just decide is worth looking past, you know? Thanks!

  9. Great looking P-51H. The NMF mixed in the with various color patterns (the olive drab on the top front on the plane, the black inserts around the exhaust, the yellow around the bottom of the canopy and on the rudder) well done!

    • Thanks Doug, it's one of the many colorful ANG schemes that could be done with this aircraft. Fortunately this one was provided with the kit. Definitely the most variety.

  10. Looks fantastic, and love the colorful scheme. Well done.

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