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AD-6 of VA-165, USS Oriskany, 1962

This was built from the kit using AeroMaster decals. Aside from the decals I built this out of the box. I have no idea of who the pilot was or any further history of the airplane. I just liked the scheme. I left it rather clean as I have used this image on my card and my WEB-site. I remember the AD's from my time on BHR in 1957 and have always liked this a/c.

I have the 1/32 Zoukeimura under construction right now and I feel like I am building the real airplane. Lots of the stuff inside will never be seen again.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

12 responses

  1. Beautiful build, Frank - and I love the late '50's, early 60's time-frame you chose for markings.

  2. Very cleanly-built Skyraider, Frank...and your Corsair posted below is also quite unique. Love 'em both - nice work.

  3. absolutely stunning build and it

  4. VERY nice- you have influenced me to build my extra Monogram AD-6 in USN Grey/white!

  5. Another great build. I like the subtle exhaust stains.

  6. Well done Frank I agree love the scheme

  7. Frank... Nice Spad, clean build. I LIKE it.

  8. I like it, too!

  9. Real nice effort, just enough exhaust "weathering" to put it over the top. (As a young model builder I thought the engine cowling (and engine) looked too small and didn't match the rest of the airframe). Great job Frank!

  10. HEY Frank .. AWESOME model .. I was on the USS Tarawa in '57 .. wish we could have family members see the way the water looks around a carrier, different colors ... the models you have in here are truly, as my Granddaughter would say .. fantabulous ! later RBH

  11. Hi Frank:

    Excellent build!

    Do you have some of your models on display at Talbots Hobbies in San Mateo?


  12. Jeff,
    Yes I do. Are you from the area?

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