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It’s Hurricane time so…1/24 Trumpeter IID “Tank Buster”….

June 12, 2013 · in Aviation · · 10 · 3K

One of Trump's better efforts, IMHO. The spinner is a bit too long but otherwise I think the lines are pretty good and the rivets work in this scale. What possessed me to do a kit of such largesse I'm not sure, but I do love Hurricanes, and there's a lot here to love.Fit is quite good overall, the kit being no harder to assemble than it's smaller brothers. Of course I had to make harder work by putting in Trumpy's photo-etch set for the IIC, which enhanced the already well-appointed cockpit and wheel wells. The Instrument panel is particularly realistic looking. Using my sparse references I detailed the starboard Vickers "S" gun adding cocking piece, bolt, magazine loading door and plumbing. Some markings, including the famous JV-Z codes were sprayed on. Weathering includes much dirt and desert dust.

I was building this for last year's Nationals in Florida, but just before leaving, Klod Koppos stepped on the nice canopy, so it did not get there. (MAYBE I shoulda glued it). The one you see here is a smash-formed replacement. But I will dust it off for next year in Virginia. Time flies.

If you like there are a couple of videos on U-Tube under Tank-Busters.

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  1. love those tropical hurricanes wheather desert or burma but the desert cannons are boss...great looking model

  2. The cockpit is especially good!

  3. Outstanding. I agree with George, the cockpit is superbly done. I looked back on all of your prior posts and I am indeed impressed with your work.

  4. Like George said, the cockpit is really nice - the extra detailing looks very good.

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    said on June 13, 2013

    fantastic Bill!

  6. That's good news about Trumpeter's kit. I'm also a bug fan of the type, and you've done it proud. Bad luck about the canopy, but the replacement looks great.

    • Thanks, learning smash-forming was a plus. Let me ask you, I tried to put in a link to the U-Tube video that shows 6 Sqn. Hurricane IID's being loaded, takeoff etc. It was on for a couple of minutes, then the video area went black. Is this some kind of copyright in action?

  7. Fantastic simply fantastic

  8. Thanks much gentlemen, glad you like the big beast.

  9. Typically excellent work BK. Amazing 'pit and bang-up job on the can openers!

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