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Summary of Past Postings

Tonight something a little different, a review of my previous postings, by showing the box tops of the kits I have reviewed on iModeler. When posting a WIP (work in progress) I usually show the box,contents and any AM decals, resin or PE items that I will use for the project. Starting with the Monogram B-26C used as the basis for my Counter Invader project in 1/48th. By doing this I will catch-up and will show the boxtop (if I still have it) for each of the future postings that I will review.

13 additional images. Click to enlarge.

6 responses

  1. cool idea...i love that

  2. Thank you Bob, I guess I found out the limit of images you can post at anyone time as it didnt show the B-26 boxtop.


  3. -tom cleaver posted way more than that on his hans offense pilot error

  4. HMMM, IT Showed all the images before I posted. No error message before hitting the send/save button.

  5. It's there now...personally, I don't/can't save any boxes. Nice presentation.

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