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The second Royal Class Bf 110… this time the E-2trop

June 19, 2013 · in Aviation · · 16 · 2.6K

Not the easiest to build, but 's 1/48 '110s build into very good looking models with a bit of patience and the occasional big hammer. I may have pooched the exhaust stains on this one- looking at photos that may have been enhanced/retouched... several different photos did lead me to believe that some stains were very dark.

Again had to scratch the antenna(e)(s?) and added plumbing to the tanks. Great P-E stuff for the wheel wells included in this kit. I wussed out and used Quickboost exhausts as the kit parts are just ridiculous- individual stacks that have to be drilled out attached to a manifold one by one... would have added another 3-4 days of aggravation to the build. Used a great trick from a fellow modeler (here or perhaps on the 'other' site?) about using clear packing tape for the landing light cover- brilliant!

Also tried to replicate the dust tubes used to cover the MG 17 barrels in the nose with Steel tubing, and scratched the gun camera & landing light. Also, a big shout out to Markus N. for help with replacing decals I screwed up first time around- THANK YOU!

In any event it was a tough fight but (I think) worth it in the end. Even though that darned Mike Witkowski beat me at Mosquitocon! 😉 (You totally deserved that win Mike!)

Thanks for looking.

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  1. That is fantastic weathering and detailing, Stan...when I first saw the "opening pic", I thought it HAD to be a 32nd model. Very nice work (and I don't think the exhaust staining is overdone at all). Excellent build, sir!

  2. Very nicely done, I think it looks awesome. I strive to have mine come out that nice. I am looking forward to building the Eduard kit, the engraving just looks so beautiful. Your finish really makes it all stand out. Just a beautiful model!

  3. Kudos, I especially like the masking work on the canopy, very clean.
    Agree with everyone great build!

  4. Very well done, I also like that you chose a scheme we don't see to often. This is the 1st Eduards 110 in this scale that I have seen built, and it is superb. Sharp detail overall, cockpit what I can see is nicely detailed. I can imagine what the other model was like to beat this one out.


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    said on June 20, 2013

    Superb! Fantastic paintjob/weathering Stan. I'm a big fan of the 110.

  6. I agree with all of the above, a beautiful model of a beautiful plane, just a shame we haven't got a picture of the whole thing

  7. that is gorgeous...panel lines are extraordinary

  8. A piece of Art!...very well done. A beauty!...I agree with your statement about the exhaust stains...they do look a bit too dark for my taste which is a bit distractive to the amazing job you did...And the scratch details are fantastic!



  9. Aaaaargh, not another perfectly crafted, painted and shaded model with perfect decals! Oh well keep 'em coming.

  10. This is what we all strive for PERFECTION this is the kind of model that will make either quit or try harder this is a masterpiece I bow before your work well done

  11. Many thanks to all of you for your compliments!

  12. Well, a very neat job! The model looks very attractive.

  13. Only the occasional big hammer? You must have had a different kit than I did. Very nice model, and considering what a fiddly collection of plastic that kit is, a very good achievement. I did one and got rid of the rest of my Eduard 110 kits, along with the 190s. Life is waaaaay too short.

    • Oh, I don't know Tom... I mean aside from the nose (which must have been mastered after sniffing way to much Tamiya extra-thin and consuming mass quantities of Absinth), wing to fuse joint, (perhaps inspired by memories of an old Aurora kit), and the landing gear (I still don't understand how it's supposed to go together OR how it manages to support the model at all), it's not really that bad... OK, the antennas are lumps, there's no boarding ladder, the chunk of fuselage to which the defensive gun is attached is a MM narrower that the fuse, the wing bolt blisters and forward panels underneath fit ...ahem... poorly...

      OK, you're right- the BFH did see extensive use! 😉

  14. Stan, Love the work! beautiful finish and subject!

  15. Beautiful. The dust tubes are a great touch, like Craig, I though this had to be 1/32!

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