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1/48 Hasegawa Desert Storm A-7E

July 29, 2013 · in Aviation · · 14 · 2.9K

As I love the F4U Corsair, I also love one other aircraft that carried the name- this one, 's A-7E built as a Desert Storm HARM launcher. I am flabbergasted at the lack of operational Desert Storm A-7E markings out there. Air Doc Has ones for VA-72 (the ones I used), but sadly the titles are not properly spaced over the "Navy" text on the rear fuselage, I had to adjust the decals to more accurately match photos of the period.

The Revell boxing of the Hasegawa A-7E has Clansmen markings, but they are incorrect: font and general look overall. The Superscale VA-72 markings are for post hostilities. So, I did the best I could with what was out there. I had found some low vis intake markings on a Superscale sheet that were more accurate than the Airdoc ones, but sadly I took them off the kit when the airdoc decals arrived, before checking the new ones- I had assumed the AirDoc ones would be right!

I also noticed in period photos, a small detail of a double bladed antenna on Desert Storm 's under the nose (pictured) . A-7's would not regularly carried all pylons or 4 HARMS later in the conflict, but you have to admit, it can carry four, and we can always say on this day as the pilot taxied to the catapult, there was a need for a load of four on this particular sortie!

You cannot easily see the streaking that I applied on the upper wings - my attempt at weathering during spraying the finish. I am considering doing some washes eventually to dirty this aircraft a bit.

I apologize for the last overexposed photo, but it was the only way I knew to show the intake detail that I am pretty proud of- I made resin casts of an intake fan to improve on the featureless end of the kit supplied intake. All my corsairs will have this adjustment as I build them. Soon to come will be an "operation Praying Mantis" A-7E from VA-22 with Walleyes. That would be from the time of the 80's "Tanker Wars" with Libya...

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  1. Nice job on the SLUF, Dan...ya done gud.

  2. Dan,
    Looks good to me. Nice job.

  3. pretty and clean

  4. You've actually made the Short Little Ugly ... not look so short, little or ugly! Nice work there.

  5. Nicely done, nice touch having all the bays buttoned up, as this kit has them open. Did a good job closing the doors as they can be a nightmare to get them to close correctly. Your correct in regard to the decals for the versions that participated in Desert Storm. Since only 2 squadrons operated during the war. Most of the decals are for VA-72 the Bluehawks , not much for the sister squadron. VA-46 Clansmen which operated off the USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67). Well done.

    • Thanks chuck- I always appreciate your contributions on modeling sites. Its great to have people from the navy who actually were around the aircraft we model.

  6. I'm no expert on these planes, Dan, but it looks like a nice clean build, with a good finish, it's certainly a weird looking thing. As for your photos, they look OK to me. I think these 1/48 models are difficult to light, if in doubt, try to take the pictures outside.

    • sad thing is it was outside. I was trying ambient light again, but I have learned the hard way with this post that I need to shoot in direct sunlight. Might reshoot if I have time, but most likely, I will shoot differently from now on! Thanks for the support.

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