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I am born and raised- a BERMUDIAN.
I am a professional artist and an art teacher. I am married and have two miniature dachshunds.
My main areas of interest are USN/USMC aircarft through the ages, but I love all flying things! I hope to start doing some artwork of aircraft, but for now my market is more focused on images of Bermuda.

1/144 LS P-3 Orion

In Bermuda in the 80's I was in high school and grew up with P-3 Orions flying overhead. The Atlantic Soviet sub threat had to be monitored, so squadrons rotated through Bermuda regularly. Interesting how there isn't an NAS Bermuda any more, but[...]

1/144 R5D-3 Blue Angels

Here is the Minicraft 1/144 C-54 kit released as the Blue Angels R5D-3. I think this livery is one of the most attractive schemes for Blue Angels logistical aircraft carried. I think it perfectly suits the lines of the aircraft. it also has a gr[...]

1/144 C-121 Blue Angels

Another of the Blue Angels Logistics aircraft. When you read the history, it is incredible that The Blue Angels used this aircraft, as it would need a large forklift at every location to load or unload from the very high fuselage! The Minicraft [...]

1/144 TC-130G Blue Angels

I built the Minicraft 1/144 C-130 kit as the TC-130G flown by the Blue Angels. This is the only kit that has these markings in the box, and no one produces aftermarket decals for the TC-130G. You can quickly tell the TC-130G by the Lockheed grap[...]

1/200 Hasegawa C-130 Blue Angels

So, many many years after I built a 1/200 C-130 for my wife's yearly Christmas ornament, I finally got around to using the alternate decals in that kit to make a white C-130 the Blues flew! One odd thing about that airframe is that the two windo[...]

1/48 f-18d atars; bosnia

When I first saw a picture of this airframe in a magazine (shown in the pictures provided), I wanted to build it. Black Box released an ATARS conversion shortly after and I snapped it up. As we all experience, the kit and conversion languished f[...]

1/32 Hasegawa Bf109 G-6

I wanted to build this particular G-6 when I came across the markings in an internet search. This aircraft was flown by Anton Hackl. The fuselage chevron provided in the decals was not quite the right size and did not have the right proportions [...]

1/144 Christmas Ornament 2019

Every year I build a 1/144 ornament for my wife. Its one way that she can be involved in the hobby, and she allows one of my interests to be part of our tree each year. I built a Dragon 1/144 CF-188A kit and used a set of 1/144 Arrow Graphics de[...]

1/48 USMC VMAT-102 TA-4F conversion

Hi all, this is a companion build to the TA-4J I posted earlier. I started it with a Hobbycraft A-4C. When the Hobbycraft kits first came out, I bought a B, an E, and two C kits sight unseen (no reviews/photos beforehand). I was a bit disappoint[...]

1/48 Classic Airframes TA-4J USN Adversary

This TA-4J kit was sitting for quite a while, and I finally finished it off at the end of this summer. Airbrushed gray but hand brushed tan and green- with brushed touchups on the gray area. I used Afterburner decals although the same markings a[...]