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BIG little gun

July 6, 2013 · in Armor · · 11 · 1.9K

This is the K 9 from a couple years ago. I assembled and painted this at work over lunches. At the time I had access to a paint booth so it was a fun way to spend lunch.
This remains the only kit that I have have ever finished with figures! Pretty easy to do that small. I wish I had taken more photos but this one is it. Went together nice, no problems that I remember. I'll toss this question out there, anyone else build at work over lunch to relax?

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  1. Lunchbreaks? I barely get time to eat something...but I often build something before breakfast on my modelling bench/dining table, the light is usually at its best in spring, summer and autumn, and it's satisfying to have accomplished something at the beginning of the day. Nice model, by the way, it must about 2mm to the foot scale, or "N gauge" in railway modelling parlance.

  2. very fine job...beautifully weathered

  3. 1/144 makes a whole lot more sense than the others i have seen - it must be huge even in teensy scale! Nice work.

  4. This looks simply awesome! Very nice model for a not to common subject! anymore photos?

  5. Sweet job, a nice "little" build of a very large gun.
    I have a friend who is a machinist, he sets up his lathe, gets it running and then proceeds to work on his models while the machine runs! His boss doesn't mind and his output of ship models would rival any shipyard...and the models are scratchbuilt. Oh, during lunch he plays his guitar in the parking lot...

  6. really nice work Steven cant wait to see the big little bigger guns

  7. Fine work. I've never gotten into micro scales, but this is impressive.

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