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HobbyBoss F-105D Thunderchief (1/48th)

July 25, 2013 · in Aviation · · 10 · 3.2K

Here's the HobbyBoss F-105D in 48th. The kit has way too many parts, that make construction difficult, especially the wings. The seperate spoilers on the upper wing are a pain and it's a pain to get the spoilers to lay flat. The same goes for the seperate M61 gun which is made up with a bunch of little pices that can't be seen if the gunbay door is closed.
The main gear legs are weak and should be replaced (SAC and G-Factor make replacements).

I used ModelMaster to do the camo, which was done with Loctite poster putty (similar to Blu-Tak).

All-in-all, the HobbyBoss comes out OK, but take your time with the construction to ensure things fit properly.

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  1. it looks fine from here. I wonder though, what would it look like as a navy fighter?

  2. That's a beautiful '105 you built- very nice work on the camoflage scheme and a very crisp build.

  3. Thanks to all of you for the very nice comments...I appreciate it!

  4. Too many parts, maybe, but you've made them fit together to get a great model.

  5. lovely paint job

  6. so if u get the sac landing gear its better than the monogram kit?

    • Yes, I would change the kit landing gear for stronger, aftermarket ones...the kit ones are definitely weak. As far as comparison to the Monogram kit, having built both, I know that the HB kit is the better of the two simply because it's much newer and has recessed panel lines. Given that, the Monogram kit is still very nice and can be made into a winner, with some extra work, of course.

  7. Nice looking Thud, Marvin. I notice that HobbyBoss copied the rather conical profile of the Monogram nose, line for line. Now... if only i could get to my storage unit in Vero Beach and free the Monogram Thuds i have in store there...


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