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Oh dear, not another Fw 190…

July 3, 2013 · in Aviation · · 6 · 1.9K

Here's an Fw 190A-5, 9./JG 2 Joseph "Sepp" Wurmheller summer 1943. After reading so many horror stories about these kits I had to indulge my masochistic side and try my hand at one. Of course I did not run into many of the previously documented problems (only some of them, notably the landing gear alignment... Aaarrrgghhh!), but did manage to find a new one- the cowing mis-alignment caused, I think, by a warped lower wing piece. Once yanked into place all was perfect though- the fan was in exactly the right place and centered beautifully. I've included pics of my creative clamping solution.

Paints are a mix of MM & W.E.M. enamels, decals are a mix of kit and items from an ancient Micro-Scale sheet. Wasn't much to add in the way of A/M stuff as the kit includes a nice bit of P-E, but I did replace the Mg 151/20 barrels with stainless steel tubing and improved the gun camera with some sprue.

Not an easy build, but not as tough as the 110s! Having built Tamiya (accuracy issues), Hase (those stupid wing plugs) and Ed (a lot of unnecessary complexity), I have to vote for Hase- the overall shape seems the best and the landing gear is sized correctly and goes together like a dream. Like any kit, all three have their plusses & minuses. Thanks for looking!

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  1. sweet, I like your jig and rubber method

  2. Another beautiful model of a 190. I'd love to see you guys do a Stuka...

  3. Always nice top have a veteran of the wars tell us which is which. Hasegawa, yes.

    Damn nice model from the Eduard kit. I'll stick to my Hasegawa A-5.

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    said on July 4, 2013

    Impressive use of clamps/bands to "make it fit", I think i'll pass on the Ed 190!

  5. Nice Fw-190, you didn't mention the DML/Trimaster/Italeri Focke Wulf, don't know if you have attempted one. Talking about complexity. Have the Tamiya kits in the stash, will need to get a Hase one as those that have appeared so far look quite impressive. Heck of an idea on the cowl issue. I am taking notes.

  6. fabulous job there

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