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Supermarine Attacker from Trumpeter in 1/48 scale

July 13, 2013 · in Uncategorized · · 12 · 1.5K

Still keen on the Fleet Air Arm; I've just finished one of 's latest. The didn't quite make its mark as noticeably as the USN Banshee & Panther although similar in performance. The tailwheel undercarriage wasn't a great feature either. Nevertheless the Attacker has a place as it was the last of the line as far as Spitfire/Seafire derivatives were concerned, as it shared a wing design with the Seafang.

The kit is a good one, easy to build, with good parts fit & delicate surface detail. Trumpeter have, however failed to get the positioning of the horizontal stabiliser correct. A look at the many reference pictures on the web will show that the model would have you set the tailplane trailing edge at mid tailpipe level, whereas it should be some 4 mm. higher. The leading edge of the tailplane is also too low - about 2 mm. giving a most peculiar angle of attack. This is a comparatively easy fix & once completed I could find no further serious problems. Not wishing to be over critical, I should add that I enjoyed this build & it is a welcome addition to my fleet of Royal Navy aircraft. I hope you like it.



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  1. Nice job all around on a kit not usually seen. I like it.

  2. I like it very much. A fine job and the paint is flawless

  3. You used the kit decals, I see. Trumpeter's really serious cock-up on this kit - the underwing serials are half the size they should be. For those interested, Xtradecal makes a sheet for the Attacker that has correct markings for several airplanes.

    Your work on the model itself is really quite nice, and you've gotten a really good result.

  4. Hi Tony,Great work on your latest creation. I have this kit in my gallery -check it out,Tom is right though about the size of the lettering on the underwing surface ,I used a set of Xtradecal for an aircraft based at a station near to where I live and they should be much larger.Also the canopy hood is wrong as it is supposed to be in two halves but I did like you and stuck with the kit supplied item as it is loose and can be changed later if one becomes available from the after market boys.That said you still made a fine job of this build, thanks for letting us see.


  5. Wonderful pictures! But what makes the carrier-based aircraft on the land the airport?))

    • Hi Maxim,I live well inland in the U.K. and near to us back in the 40's ,50's and 60's (before my time!) there was base used by naval aircraft for training crews and for maintenance ,the aircraft in my gallery has the markings of an aircraft stationed there.

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    said on July 14, 2013

    Tony great model. I like the context of your pics with the base and background too!

  7. Well done on the build & very nice presentation.

  8. Hi Tony, I'm not qualified to comment on the accuracy, but your model looks great to me, very nicely finished and photographed and something a little different from all those American planes!

  9. I love this bomb truck! It was purposely built as and attack plane with no other pretenses. Really sharp looking paint job!

  10. Very well done Tony you've got to love a jet tail dragger what a challenge that must have been to take off and land beautiful pics and aircraft I like a lot

  11. Tony,
    A very nice job on a very good looking airplane.

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