1/48 Fairey Firefly MK I by Grand Phoenix

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The was a replacement for the Fairey Fulmer shipboard two-seat fighter. The British felt that over water flights were too exhausting, so they added a navigator / observer to share the load with the pilot. This may have provided some level of security, but had a deleterious effect on aerial combat. Nonetheless, the Firefly found its niche as an intruder/ fighter bomber, much like the RAF Beaufighter. Later Marks even fought on into Korea.

This is the first kit , and a worthy kit it is. It is limited run (so the plastic is thick and has a semi-smooth surface) but very petite and sharp recessed panel lines. The resin is true art. The cockpits and wheel wells cry out to be seen. Thus I opened the canopies (which was a matter of surgery on the observer's transparency. The clear parts are over thick. I wish a vacuform replacement was available. The PE was easy to work with and very helpful in making the cockpits POP.

The kit parts are all out of the box with the exception of the rockets and rails which I borrowed from a Tamiya Mosquito . . . or was it a Beaufighter.

This was a good start for Grand Phoenix. It could be a good choice for a first multi-media kit.

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  1. Very subtle finish on this model, Michael.

  2. Up to your usual standards. High marks again, Mr. Knowles.

  3. Beautiful work as always Mike. Awesome awesomeness on the overall finish 🙂

    Cheers Brian

  4. Nice work. Even the Mk.I served in Korea, part of the original complement aboard HMS Triumph, along with 800 Squadron's FR 47s.

  5. i like that a lot...great job...would love to build one

  6. I am shocked. Did the British ever retire an aircraft before it was shot down? LoL

  7. Michael,
    Excellent job you did on this kit. You do fine work

  8. Great job there, I sometimes think that some of the early post war planes get over looked. And if the rockets were already attached to the rails then it was probably the Beau.

  9. Commendable work! Excellent highlights on the panel lines and paint scheme.

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