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A short film about modelling!

August 12, 2013 · in How-to · 7 · 1.2K

This one turned up at Aeroscale today, I think there is an interested audience here as well 🙂 !

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  1. yup that about sums it up...and we may be certified nerds but who isn't...i'm sure steve mcqueen and robert mitchum where too...thank's for posting...he sure had some nice panel lines

  2. Thanks for posting this it was lots of fun,there seems to be programmes on Discovery and the like about every subject under the sun except our hobby.

  3. Thanks for that, nice little bit of video. And any one of us says we're not nerds, they are in that River in Egypt.

  4. Try as I might, I couldn't get it to play...either through the link provided nor at the web site mentioned. Any tips for the technologically challenged?

  5. Magnus,
    Great little clip. I enjoyed it and he is a fine modeler. If I am to be a nerd, then I have been one since I was six.

  6. Unfortunately the Chinese internet police won't let me watch this maybe they think it's porn!

  7. great little clip at least all of us NERDS are in good company

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