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Monogram's 48th Scale F-106

August 8, 2013 · in Aviation · · 14 · 2.1K

One of 's nicest kits. This is OOB, painted with Model Master Aircraft Grey. I penciled in the panel lines to help break up all that grey paint. This is another of my favorite Century Series Fighters.

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  1. Cool bird! Hundredth of a series - there are all handsome men!

  2. Jack,
    Absolutely gorgeous. You make this old kit shine. One of my lunch buddies flew these and they are near the top of his favorites list.

  3. Nice job on the -106, Jack...Monogram always DID make pretty nice kits (especially those century series).

  4. Another sharp one. Always a pleasure to admire your work.

  5. another ace in the hole great job

  6. Like the dropped flaperons and speed brakes being deployed. Smart move on the use of a pencil (A tool used for writing) for accenting panel lines.

    Two thumbs up.

  7. A nice job on a classic kit and a classic aircraft. Funny how the "old" jet aircraft (delta wing) look more "futuristic" (to me anyway) than the current crop of jets.

  8. That kit always turns out nice with a little effort (sometimes a lot, if you got one of the more recent molds in the 90s). The pencil is a nifty trick, gotta remember that one.

  9. That's an awesome bird Jack. I currently have mine taped together, unpainted, on the shelf beside my other Century Series builds. It is such a great looking aircraft that I haven't had the heart to take her apart and put her back in the box. Airplane designers in the 50s were so uninhibited! They weren't afraid to try some very advanced designs. Your model is a great inspiration indeed.

  10. Beautifully done Jack! The F-106 is simply a killer looking jet and one of my all-time favorites. I also like the to use a pencil (Pentel drafting 0. 5mm P205 with soft lead) instead of washes or post shading with the base color to do my panel lines- the soft lead allows for subtle feathering of the lines with a blush brush. You used that technique to great effect on your model.

  11. beautiful model and scheme

  12. It's gorgeous, Jack, you've certainly got the skills mastered in building these jets.

  13. the six pack...i remember them from the 70s and birds

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