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How I spent my Saturday

For the last five years, since we moved to Encino, these guys come right overhead on right-turn departure from One-Six-Right over at VNY, which is about a 10 minute drive from my house. So I finally decided I ought to do a feature article on , the oldest warbird flying club in Southern California (founded 1962). When I said I was doing it for Aeroplane Magazine, they said "come on over!" So I did.

A perfect day in Southern California. Mid 80s, severe CAVU, and the sun was just right. These are just from the first batch of 250 I took, these are from the return to VNY at the end of the mission. we flew over the mountains to Malibu, then up the coast to Santa Barbara, then back over the coastal range.

A great day and an automatic camera - all I did was compose and shoot. I think the Editor is going to like this article.

In Pic 2, that thing in the lower left corner is the sill of my cockpit - that's how close formation we were flying.

More airplane porn to come.

These are medium-resolution images. I'm not putting the hi-rez up to be stolen (not by any of you, but A2A photos are some of the most stolen on the internet).

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

7 responses

  1. Totally jealous Tom

  2. Tom, to me ... and I suspect to you, this was a perfect day. My own favourite poem is John Gillespie Magee "High Flight." It says everything I like about flying (flight lessons) I was fortunate enough to take before running out of money.) I hope you don't mind, but I live (to fly) vicariously through you and others who fly frequently! I have a LOT of air miles, but the majority were flown in various airliners ... about as exciting as riding in a fast bus. (However, I don't count my rides in DC3s & former C-47s as airliner "bus rides!" 1956 was my first airplane ride and the Lake Central Airlines DC3 I was in was in regular service.)

    I really appreciate your stories and the history you always write about in all of your build reviews. Keep 'em coming, please! @tcinla

  3. Thanks for the awesome pictures. I got a chance to ride in a T-6 and a Stearman when I was stationed in Oklahoma with the Air Force. Both were very cool.

  4. Thank you for posting Tom. There's a dream come true for me one day. 👍

  5. I'm turnin' green (envy - not air-sickness...)!

  6. Totally jealous Tom, I agree with George!

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