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RAF “V’ Bombers. Valiant, Vickers, and Vulcan

August 6, 2013 · in Aviation · · 7 · 2.4K

I was commissioned to build the three "V" bombers by a gentleman that grew up in Lincolnshire, England. He remembered the "V" bombers when he was younger. He asked that I do all three models in the same scale and in the all white scheme as that is how he liked them. He wanted them constructed so that they could be mounted flat against the wall in a mirrored plastic box which would provide a top view of each model.

All of the models are in scale. The and the are kits and the Victor is from . The Valiant of course is a new kit and it is very well done and has a more up to date technology to it. The Vulcan is a very old Airfix kit and goes together like a very old Airfix kit. The Victor is a Matchbook kit which goes together like any other Matchbook kit. Enough said on Matchbook. I built the kits OOB but on each I installed a threaded bolt on the underside for the eventual placement in the mirrored box. The plastic boxes were made by TAP Plastic to fit over the mirrored bases. The models were appropriately placed on the mirror and a hole was drilled for the bolt. They were then bolted in place and the plastic cover was installed. The models in their cases were then mounted to the wall in his home in Carmel.

The last photo is of the models on the wall in his home.

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  1. Looks like they were built to your usual standards.
    Your client must have good sized walls.
    Well done.

  2. Great collection and nice work, Frank.

  3. everything you do

  4. There's something very "modern" looking about jet engines hidden in the wing as opposed to bombers/airliners with engine pods hanging under the wing. Nice work, love the paint finish.

  5. Hey Frank, Nice job on all three V's! Went through a little white paint did you?

  6. Wow, Frank, they are terrific! I've been lucky enough to see the Vulcan flying at home in England at a couple of shows, it's still an impressive aircraft.

  7. Frank, they look wonderful, and, having built two of them, I realize the work that went into making them look so good. Just a fantastic job !

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