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1/72 USAirfix (Airfix) Havoc

The instructions say “copyright 1979”. I’ve had this one sitting around for quite some time. Over the years I’ve built at least 3 others in different variants. It was time to just do the version on the box. The build was typical 70’s Airfix, with little detail by today’s standards. The framework on the clear parts was hardly visible. I dipped them in Future, then applied 1/32″ pinstriping decals that I had laying around for slot cars. The result was pretty good. I mentioned this to another modeling buddy, who told me that whenever he paints a model, he paints about a 2″ square of white decal sheet at the same time, for canopy frame. I think I’ll being trying that in the future.

5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

10 responses to 1/72 USAirfix (Airfix) Havoc

  1. By the look of those rivets, I believe this kit is even older than 1979! Airfix anno 1979 used to produce kits with fine (albeit raised) surface detail and no rivets. My guess would be mid-1960s.

  2. Joe…you sneaky Pete. You had to find some way to slide slot cars into this otherwise unblemished site!

  3. Whatever vintage it is , it looks well done. A good old Airfix kit with braille rivets, the works, ah, memories of old.
    Is it the pics , or are the tyres different colours?

  4. Joe has blue/ black color blindness so they could well be!

  5. Great job, Joe, you’ve evoked some memories of old, and got some ‘riveting’ comments!

  6. Joe,
    All I will say is that I have the utmost respect for anyone that can make an early Airfix kit look this good. Outstanding…….

  7. My next door neighbor Ralph Conte, was in combat as a bombardier/navigator on A-20Cs, A-20Js, and A-26Cs with the 416th BG. I showed him your model of the early A-20 in natural metal, and he said it looked strange with no paint on it. He wrote and published a book on his unit’s history entitled “Attack Bombers- We Need You”. Your model looks like the A-model pictured in the Squadron in Action books. Yep, you done the old Airfix Rivet Monster proud. Adios, Larry.

  8. Just a lovely retro build; well done!

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