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1/72 USAirfix (Airfix) Havoc

September 1, 2013 · in Aviation · · 11 · 2.4K

The instructions say "copyright 1979". I've had this one sitting around for quite some time. Over the years I've built at least 3 others in different variants. It was time to just do the version on the box. The build was typical 70's , with little detail by today's standards. The framework on the clear parts was hardly visible. I dipped them in Future, then applied 1/32" pinstriping decals that I had laying around for slot cars. The result was pretty good. I mentioned this to another modeling buddy, who told me that whenever he paints a model, he paints about a 2" square of white decal sheet at the same time, for canopy frame. I think I'll being trying that in the future.

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  1. By the look of those rivets, I believe this kit is even older than 1979! Airfix anno 1979 used to produce kits with fine (albeit raised) surface detail and no rivets. My guess would be mid-1960s.

  2. sneaky Pete. You had to find some way to slide slot cars into this otherwise unblemished site!

  3. Whatever vintage it is , it looks well done. A good old Airfix kit with braille rivets, the works, ah, memories of old.
    Is it the pics , or are the tyres different colours?

  4. Joe has blue/ black color blindness so they could well be!

  5. Great job, Joe, you've evoked some memories of old, and got some 'riveting' comments!

  6. Joe,
    All I will say is that I have the utmost respect for anyone that can make an early Airfix kit look this good. Outstanding...

  7. My next door neighbor Ralph Conte, was in combat as a bombardier/navigator on A-20Cs, A-20Js, and A-26Cs with the 416th BG. I showed him your model of the early A-20 in natural metal, and he said it looked strange with no paint on it. He wrote and published a book on his unit's history entitled "Attack Bombers- We Need You". Your model looks like the A-model pictured in the Squadron in Action books. Yep, you done the old Airfix Rivet Monster proud. Adios, Larry.

  8. Just a lovely retro build; well done!

  9. Looks great in the all metal look, nice job!

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