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Cruise Missle ?

September 15, 2013 · in Automotive · · 12 · 1.7K

This is a conversion from 's 1961 Ford Starliner to a Sunliner using "Replica & Miniatures of Maryland's" conversion kit. This kit consists of the convertible boot, rear seat doglegs & sunvisor. The builder needs to cut the hardtop's roof off. Not a big deal.

It has been built as a mild custom with the door handles & emblems shaved, lowered with custom wheels, the engine has been changed to dual 4-barrel carbs & wired.

The paint used was Testors One-Coat lacquer from the rattle can. The body chrome has been done with Bare Metal foil. Alclad was used on the exhaust.

Thought maybe you could use a break from flat finishes.

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  1. Nice work...brings back memories of when I used to build a lot of model cars.

  2. The song "Low Rider" just came to mind. Now I have to go listen to it on my iPod...

    Cool model!

  3. That's a very cool car, Al, I like it so much I want one (a real one, that is!). Very well photographed as well.

  4. real nice...that meant you were rich when i was a kid

  5. Beautiful work. Certainly a nice change of pace from what we're used to.

  6. Very nicely done, I am not much of a Ford guy but I do love old cars. You have really done a nice job on this one. Good work on the engine compartment and undercarriage. I also like your seats, you have done a nice job creating fabric texture. Nice work over all with some cool colors!

  7. kind of ride.

  8. Sweet ride, back when America built cars...very nice build.

  9. Very nice car Al! A real beauty. A body shop in a nearby town had a '61 2-door hardtop. It was completely stripped for paint of course, no glass, and was painted in a pale yellow shade. Man, without any trim or bumpers, the thing looked like a'61 Falcon on steroids! I could just picture a tubbed back seat, hi-perf Ford 427, reverse tear-drop hood scoop and big gumball tires. Oh what a street machine! Or, perhaps done as a pseudo-NASCAR racer from that era...Sorry, sort of got carried away. Classic iron will do that for you, and AL, that is a classic sir!


  10. Oh, I didn't mention, less we all forget; FORD stands for First On Race Day. :I

  11. Appreciate the kind comments. Glad you enjoyed it. I'll probably post some others even though cars don't appeal to the die-hard aircraft builders.

  12. Al,
    I love it and I love Fords. I had a real 57 Ford convertible and loved it. When the 61 came out I really liked it also but never got one. Your model brings a tear to my eye. What a beautiful job you did in bringing a beautiful car to life.

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