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Trumpeter Hurricane Mk IIc Trop 213 sqd.

September 24, 2013 · in Aviation · · 14 · 3K

I received this kit from a friend a while back and I started it then. That was about a year or so ago. Since then I lost some pieces, had a really bad time with my skills on the pit and the engine so there it sat, in the stash awaiting for the time to do something with it. That may have been toss it or give it to somebody that has the patience with them selves that I don't. In any case, I said what the heck and just went ahead and piddled around with it and decided to just paint it IAW the color plate included with this kit. I don't have much history of the 213 sqd. but this scheme was applied to several aircraft and as this one is supposed to be 1944.

As for the kit I was surely surprised to see how well it went together and to tell the truth I should have checked Tom's review first. I didn't have many areas that didn't fit well and it turned out to be a fun kit.

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  1. Oooooo do NOT in any way detract from what you have here. That thing looks beat all to hell, dusty dirty and used. In other words, perfect. Gorgeous model. I've done the Mk. IID myself, it is a great kit. Now I see I didn't bash it enough. 🙂 Might need to do another.

  2. That is cooler than all get-out, as it were. I like it a lot!

  3. Paul,
    This looks great. I really like the scheme. Your fun kit turned out to be a mini masterpiece.

  4. Yep...what they said - now aren't ya glad ya finished it? Sounds a little like the saga behind my (as yet) unfinished KittyHawk F-35B Lightning II.

  5. Nice finish Paul, looks like it was "flown hard and hung up wet"... very authentic appearence.

  6. Thank you gentlemen, I really appreciate your comments.

  7. Always read Tom's reviews first! 🙂

    Looks good. It is actually a scheme that was begun in 1941 by 3 Squadron RAAF and adopted by others in the strafing role. This is more likely 1943 than 1944, since by then they would have been in Italy and 213 would have turned in their Hurricanes; the Hurricanes were use in North Africa. The scheme was first adopted by 3 Squadron in 1941 when they received Hurricane Is, the idea was to make it look "Italian" from head-on when strafing. (see my M2 review here:

    At any rate, a very nice "save" there, Paul.

    • Got something to throw into the mix here, about the "spaghetti" color scheme. In Shore's new "History of the Mediterranean Air War 1940-45" is a description from John Jackson, of No. 3 Sqn. RAAF, and later of 75 Sqn. in the Pacific. Picking up Hurricanes for his unit in January 1941, he commented, "aren't they beauties! The new type of mottled blue, grey and purple (wish I had italics) camouflage on the nose, leading edges of the wings, and front surfaces, looks most peculiar." I was surprised by this, as common opinion seems to be the colors were mimicing Italian schemes. A photo accompanies this text, the hurricane showing 3 colors for sure, a light background and two mottling colors. Sure could be grey and purple. Maybe the Italian colors came later, or have we been wrong all these years? I have a Mk.I trop in 1/48, going to do a John Jackson special.

  8. Thank you much Tom, I appreciate it greatly

  9. Paul, you've done a great job on this Hurricane, and your workbench looks very busy, are you sure those lost pieces aren't there somewhere?

  10. heck of a piece of work

  11. Great job! Especially painting.

    Best regards, Vlad.

  12. Nice build, and great choice on the scheme.

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