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1/72 Airfix Fairey Swordfish II

October 24, 2013 · in Aviation · · 8 · 2.7K

This the very old kit of what was affectionately known as the "Stringbag". The has a storied career, which you can read all about elsewhere. It's about as straight forward as any Airfix bi-plane of that era. I tried to keep it somewhat factual, but some of these old crates really took a beating. It was an interesting build, and pretty good sized for a bi-plane.

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  1. I think Airfix has released a newer version of the kit, but this is the original one? I like the look of biplanes but have always been scared of trying the rigging. How did it go for you?

  2. I really like this one Joe. I did the Tamiya 1/48 Swordfish a while back, and really enjoyed it. 'Course, I like rigging models and making turnbuckles and eyelets even though I get occasional non-positive remarks from my fellow model building club members, and concerns about my mental status.

  3. Hi Joe, I built one of these years ago when I first started getting back into the hobby and it is a nice little kit , I've since sold it on ebay.
    If you look through my gallery I posted some pics from the Blackpool airshow this year ,there are a couple of shots of a Swordfish in flight you might enjoy.

  4. Well Joe, you were talking about biplanes and here is one.
    It looks as nice a ever Joe, quite clean as well, considering the envirioment the lived and worked in.

  5. It seems incredible that a 95 mph bi-plane could have caused a modern battleship like Bismarck to be so damaged as to lead it to eventual destruction. Nice build Joe, bi-planes are always a visual treat.

  6. Joe,

    Amazing what you have done with the old Airfix kit. Lots of work on your part paid off to make this a great looking model. Apologies first to all my British friends, but the stringbag is classic British, "so ugly it's beautiful". Try the Tamiya 1/48 kit. It is a gem and goes together very well. I built three of them and by the time I finished the third one I thought the stringbag was one of the pretties airplanes every. (Just kidding... I'm Trying to get back on the good side of the British)

  7. Great model, great looking plane! Well done, Joe, for capturing the spirit of this legend with such an old kit, and, thank you, Frank, for your pro-British comments!

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