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KV II Tamiya 1/35 kit

October 23, 2013 · in Armor · · 18 · 1.9K

This is an OOB build to start my first experiments with weathering. I used MIG Russian earth pigments to make the mud for running gear and lower hull. Dark gray paint for chips on the top coat and black pastels for exhaust stains. I tried to rust the exhaust with AK rust pigments. The early war camouflage is with dark green and earth spray cans. I used Silly Putty as a mask to form the pattern. Dot filtering aged and weathered the larger armour plates. I was heavy with the spray unfortunately and it formed ridges where it hit against the putty. That doesn't show up in the pictures though. Fun kit to experiment on and hopefully I will improve with practice. One regret is I could not form the usual Russian sag in the top track run with the rubber tracks included in the kit. The kit instructions say that the turret slogan is "Motherland Russia".

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  1. Nice job on the running gear - nicely worn and in keeping with the subject.

  2. Great job, I especially like the grey chipping. I've see black done by some and to me it looks to stark. I think I will try some dark grey, like the way it turned out on yours. Keep up the good work!

  3. Another good job, Alan, I particularly like the way the light catches the highlights in the tracks, nice metallic finish.

    • I used a metallic grey artist's pencil and rubbed the high parts and edges of the treads. Added a worn shine without the bright shine of silver paint.

  4. Alan, Really nice model. I dabble every now and again in armor and don't usually "Muddy" them up-but your model has sparked an interest to do so. I'm going to order some Mig pigments and muddy up my armor project. Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks Erich. This was my first time and I was happy with it. I mixed the pigment with the acrylic gel that MIG sells along with plaster powder. I think I put too much plaster in because it hardened up quickly and was hard to apply smoothly. I would recommend holding back on the amount they recommend in the instructions that I had.

  5. Nice-lookin' build, Alan (and well presented). One method that might work in regard to the "sag" in the track(s) : ..perhaps if you were to insert something between the top of the track - centered between the roller wheels - and the bottom (underneath) the fender - just enough to get that "droopy" look, and then put some super glue where the track meets the wheels, it would stay there. Just a thought. That's what I'd try. Still not too late, either.

  6. Excellent marks made ​​on the weather and use.

    I am not an expert on the tanks, so I can not say exactly what the inscription was on the tank. But definitely not "Foreman Russia"

    To Russian ears it sounds like "FOR мать Россия" ("FOR Mother Russia")
    We do not say it. Correct "За Россию мать!" ("for Russian mother!") or "За Родину!" ("For the Motherland!").
    Usually, wrote: "За Родину!"
    Best regards, Vlad.

    • Thanks Vlad for clarifying the language problem. Unfortunately I have to rely on what the kit instructions say and the Tamiya set said it was "Motherland Russia". So I had to rely on a Japanese company translating a Russian saying and then having it translated into English. Your input was much appreciated. I have the "For the Motherland" slogan on another decal sheet but don't have the courage to correct the mistake.

  7. That's right, Vlad)))!
    And is definitely the inscriptions not were written with English words (form), even and Russian letters.

  8. That's right, Vlad)))!
    And is definitely the inscriptions not were written with English words (фор), even and Russian letters.

  9. What he said ! Nice job Alan. I'm not an armor guy, but sure looks like it's supposed to, to me. What more could you ask for?

  10. Don't sweat the lack of sag in the tracks, maybe she is on the move. Nice work.

  11. Nice work on this.

  12. Alan,
    Another very nice amour model to look at. Great job on this one.

  13. Thanks everyone for the comments.

  14. I remembered building a Tamiya Tiger tank.
    Fine model.
    I gave it away.
    I will tell that anecdote on my blog later on.

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