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Sd. Kfz.139 7.62cm Pak36(r) auf Gw.38(t)

October 17, 2013 · in Armor · · 15 · 2.3K

This is Tamya's Marder III in . It's a real Nice kit and goes together quite well.

Lots better then my bad pictures show. For the non tread heads out there this is a Russian 7.62 cm anti tank gun mounted on the do everything 38(T) Czech chassis. This tank destroyer was to tall and the crew was out in the elements but the gun could penetrate 122mm of armor at a range of 1000m. Get them before they get you!

The kit has 5 different painting options and a (short) how to guide on figure painting, dry brushing and black wash techniques.

I painted mine with a dark grey aycrilic, black oil wash, then tried some dot filters of brown, tan, and black and white.

I'll try and post better pics when I get this to work and can use the studio.

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  1. The filtering looks very realistic. Very nice.

  2. Excellent work, Steven...nice job.

  3. Good job. Who doesn't like a big gun?

  4. Thanks all, after about ten years off I remember why I liked building.
    So many kits and...

  5. Nicely built and finished, Steven, not too much wrong with your home photographs either.

  6. Nice work...dirty and worn but not too dirty and worn. I like the shells laying around. It would look good hidden behind some bushes ready to ambush some unsuspecting Russian tank.

  7. Steve,
    This is one great looking target. I rally like what you have done with this kit.

  8. Beautiful! Those open-top vehicles are often more interesting than "real" AFVs, there is more of the fiddly detail and you get a feeling of size because you see more of the parts that interact with the crew.



  9. Really nice. It has a look that's both menacing and laid-back. Re Magnus's comment about the crew, have you considered adding any guys to this as a vignette?

  10. Thanks for all the great feedback. Robbo I haven't tried figures yet, maybe someday, right now its frustrating enough trying to get a kit finished good enough!

  11. Love the detail work and painting on this- great job!

  12. ooooooo I like. This early Marder lash-up has always been a fave of mine, rivets galore. You've done a really great job, paint and weathering just right. One thing, your tracks are not in the sprocket teeth, and are floating over the return rollers. Should be an easy enough fix IF you want to...good to see some more armor here!

    • You,re right, in to big a hurry to finish. I'll have to fix the drive sprocket for sure. They are rubber and tracks so I may have to glue them to the return rollers.

  13. It looks like a very nice build and very realisitic painting job. I love the effect that dot filtering has on armour. Adds depth and makes it look weather worn. Look forward to seeing more for inspiration!

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