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“Trick or Treat” I

October 27, 2013 · in Uncategorized · · 7 · 1.4K

In celebration of one of our more infamous holidays, Halloween, I thought I might kick things off with a pair of Zombie Killas. I'll start off with Z.K. I, next post, Z.K. II, and finally the two, together. By the time it's finally over, it's be time to start answering the door for all those little goblins gremlins, withches, and ZOMBIES !
These both started "life" as "Armored Cars Sd. Kfz 222"s' . (scale,questionable)

body lowered @ all 4 wheels full, two seat interior, w/instrumentation
"Body Blocker/Street Scraper" plow added first aid supplies
"Deep Fryer" flame thrower (driver controlled) fire exstinguisher
reversed headlights for collision protection extra ammo box
rear view mirrors napalm tanks (fed into flame thrower)
twin tazers spare tire on other side, w/ additional napalm
all hatches removed/screened in triple automatic cannon, rapid fire 20mm
added "window" fully detailed turret, w/ammo boxes, gunner's seat, etc.
81mm mortars, anti-personnel (green) high explosive (yellow)
twin antennae, color coded, red- left, green-right flare launcher (red)
modified, hand held MG34 machine gun "day-lite after dark" rocket flares
anti-(expired) personnel rocket launchers (bottom rack) exhaust system (stock)
rear hatch opened to show 12 cylinder, Porsche Boxer engine (wired)
external digital-radio pack wired rocket lauchers

Let the imagination and spare parts box, run wild !

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7 responses

  1. Hopefully modern medicine can overcome what afflicts you.
    Actually your showing a lot of imagination here.

  2. You know, one of those would be really useful driving around Houston! Where do I get one? 🙂

  3. I just finished watching The Walking Dead tonight. One of those would add a twist to the plot. Looks like you had fun with this one.

  4. Trick or treat, I'm not sure which, Joe, but it looks very scary!

  5. You have been watching too many movies Joe.
    As per usual Joe, up to your great level.

  6. Joe,
    I have to put my two cents in. These would be the perfect vehicle for an evening ride through beautiful downtown Oakland... they are neat.

  7. Thats pretty cool!

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