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F.M H.P Hampden

November 15, 2013 · in Aviation · · 7 · 1.5K

Hello All

Here is a snapshot of my workbench at the moment, as you can see i am about to finish a 1/48 Spitfire prototype (Tamiya conversion) and working on a Heller 2 seat Mirage 111 and an Javelin ( absolute joy) And a F.M H.P now, i have been working on this for well over 4 years on and off and am determined to finish her, so i have just installed the white metal undercarriage using two part epoxy, and will be installing canopies over the next day or so
I do sometimes stretch out my building but this kit holds the record, i do have a likeing for the esoteric and i guess this is the price ?



Updated with images of completed model

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  1. That Javelin's a honey of a kit, isn't it? Got mine assembled in about 6-7 hours of work, have the lower surfaces painted now.

  2. Hello Tom

    Yes the Javelin is a great kit

    You dont remember me but when you were building the 1/48 Classic Airframes Meteor's i was the person who posted the alternative method of assembling the intakes to avoid trouble seams ! anyway i am new here so will have a look around and post some more pics of my completed, Spiteful and Firebrand, MB5 etc if interested



  3. Well, Norman, you've certainly got a busy workbench, it'll be good to see these finished!

  4. I haven't been updating posts as i have been ill, however i did manage to get some paint on her and apply decals only to have the decal inks run into one another and crinkle up and dry rock hard that way, so i have sanded them off and repainted affected are's and will glosscoat and re decal today then post some pics
    This kit fights me at every stage !

  5. I'm working on the Javelin as well! The parts fit so well, I'm going to paint the wing halves separately to avoid masking the demarcation like around all the "stuff" on the leading edge! (I think it will work anyway!)

  6. I have at last finished the Hampden, and the Spitfire prototype, my Javelin is being prepared for paint, i am going to finish it as the only silver one (bare metal) that was in service

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