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Mouse Rod

November 3, 2013 · in Automotive · · 9 · 1.5K

Some of you might be familiar with the term "Rat Rod". These are bare bone hot rods in various forms of construction or destruction. Mine is a Mouse Rod because it is somewhere around 1/32nd scale as opposed to the 1/25th scale used most often by the auto modelers.

The kit is a Revell Highway Pioneers issue first molded by Gowland & Gowland in 1954.

It appears to be a cross between a Ford Model "A" & a '32 Model "B" with a flathead engine.

Built this in 1 day for a club contest. Everything was free-hand brush painted with acrylics as my unsteady hand on the wheels/tires attest.

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  1. For built in a day , it don`t look too bad Al,

  2. Looks like a fun build. I can't imagine building and finishing in day! Well done.

  3. I built a model in a day before (and it looked it) - yours, however, doesn't. How did you ever get such a nice, even finish on that body with a brush?

    Love those flatheads...ya couldn't kill 'em. A guy in my old (really old) hot rod club put a brick on the gas pedal and left for the night. In the morning, the engine had run out of gas. But that's all.

    • Craig that is Pollyscale grimey black. Testors now owns it & they pulled the line from the market. It is my paint color of choice for armor rubber road wheels. I do have a bottle of grimey & engine black marketed under Testors label coming. Here's hoping it's the same formula.

  4. Looks good, Al, but here in Florida, anything called "Mouse" better have a picture of Mickey on it, and royalties paid. I like your work. Those old "Highway Pioneers" were not that simple to build. You did very well !

  5. It looks cool, Al, good job, especially for a day's work.

  6. I love the "Candy apple primer" finish. Really nice job, recalls a time when a teenager could go to a junk yard and pick up a jalopy for 20 bucks. With a little work and a few bucks, presto, a hot rod! Of course he'd have to sell it when he got drafted...

  7. Al,
    I like this. Put some writing on it an it takes you back to the Forties. AKA, "The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer"

  8. i like it...takes me back to childhood...the 50's

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