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Heller 1/72 Bloch 174 A-3

July 24, 2018 · in Aviation · · 17 · 4.1K

I'm still working on the Pe-2, and have spent the last couple of weeks securing and installing a spray booth, as I'm going to try my hand at airbrushing for the first time (testing Akan paints on the Pe-2, in prep for an F-4E in Greek Aegean Ghost Scheme). In the meanwhile, I borrowed a photo tent from a friend to see if it would help me take any better pics of my models, and to test it, decided to select something I hadn't posted in iModeler. This is an older build, and was my first attempt at post shading panel lines with pastel chalk powder. OOB build and nothing special. The paint chipping on the walk areas is a bit stark - especially under the camera's eye!

Old kit - and I think I only added the guy in the nose. I didn't do any reference work, so that big glass nose looks pretty empty!

I don't think the tent helped me much, so will just stick to my poster-board backdrop for now and not worry about better lighting.

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  1. This is a really beautiful aircraft and the model displayed in this flying position easily recalls the scenes in the "Flight to Arras" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
    It looks that despite its age the Heller's kit could be build in a very convincing model.
    Thanks for sharing, I liked it!

  2. I think the photo tent yielded very good results - they look good.. (as does the kit). 🙂

  3. Beautifully done, Greg. Lovely finish on an interesting plane.

  4. I agree with Craig, the tent yielded good results. I have one with three lights for when I sell on Ebay. It has an insert that is graduated white to blue. Depending on how you place it in the tent, it helps with the contrast.

  5. Cracking model, and cracking photos - I agree with others, the tent was a success IMHO!

    I haven't seen one of these built before (showing my inexperience again) it is a great looking plane, Greg! And the old adage about the camera never lies isn't true anyway - cameras see very differently to human eyes! I bet that paint chipping looks a little different in the flesh, but I have to say I quite like it either way!

  6. I like it Greg... and I think the photo box helped to eliminate shadows. I'll have to make one eventually. Like others have said, the camera is too harsh on our builds, and tend to bring out every little imperfection that is not normally visible. This is a neat model and I'll be looking forward to seeing your PE-2.

    Well done buddy...

  7. nice work Greg...those French planes are intriguing

  8. Nice one, Greg! I don't see often this type (and kit) finished. The camo is very well done. I always have problems with french colors yours just look right. Also I think the pics are good too - definitely better with my recent pics I made under a photo booth.

  9. First Bloch I ever seen built as well. Excellent though, in fact didn't even know Heller or anyone else for that matter made one. A little Dinah, He-111 rolled up into one with the Potez style twin tail Love the WWII French scheme as well. very unique. Thanks for sharing Greg.

  10. Fantastic work Greg! I really like those French aircraft. I got various Heller twin-engined aircraft kits waiting in my stash, and seeing yours build now may well have pushed one more in front of the que.

  11. Really nice model. Unique and great presentation. Love the colorful scheme!

  12. Photos are fine, Greg , as is the build! Glad you showed it.

  13. Nice work on a seldom-seen kit and the photos look super.

  14. Greg, nice looking build on an airplane I can't say I've ever noticed before, and for sure have never heard of the kit before. You got to love the big glass nose !
    So your getting into an airbrush ! I'll be anxiously awaiting to see what your going to come up with. Using an airbrush will be a wonderful step forward into your model building. Enjoy !

  15. Nice work, Greg! I built a lot of Heller kits when I was a kid. I think they gave me a taste for odd airplanes.

  16. Hi Greg,
    I like the finished model and especially the way it is presented.
    Job well done. Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  17. Great work Greg love the aircraft and the french colour scheme.

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