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Wingnut Wings Fokker E.III Eindecker

Here are some pics of my Fokker . This was built out of the box except for the seatbelts (HGW Laser Cut) and Rigging (Gaspatch turnbuckles). Since the early engines, especially the rotaries, spewed oil all over the place, it gave me an opportunity to go a bit crazy with the weathering.

A couple additional comments regarding accuracy: 1) The paint scheme is not historically accurate. They were actually painted a dark tan or sometimes green, but I wanted to go with a clear doped linen look so I could play with shadows and shading on the wings and fuselage. 2) The cowlings were actually a "beaten" metal to reduce reflections. I could not get a result that I thought looked better than just plain flat aluminum, so that's how it stayed.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

11 responses

  1. Another beauty, Jim...dunno how ya do it.

  2. You've got a nice touch with the Great War subjects. Good to see consistent build quality.

    I wish they'd offer a Halberstadt - I'd buy three.

  3. A horrid aircraft whose heyday lasted only weeks. Beautiful build, Jim.

  4. Maybe it wasn't that great a machine, but it was the first one that Looked like a "fighter". Very nicely built model. I have my eye on the 3-gun, twin row engine lashup. 🙂

  5. Very nice work, Jim. that kit is a winner, and in the hands of someone like you who knows how to make the most of it, a real winner.

  6. Another "Top Shelf" build Jim. Your build quality an attention to detail is truly inspiring- keep them coming!

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