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Portuguese Zero, I dont know if this is going to work and if It does I will tell you the story.

December 31, 2013 · in Aviation · · 5 · 0.8K

Ah Yes it worked, well the story is is that a very good friend of mine, Antonio Sobral from Portugal came here to California on business and I met him and we went to a hobby shop when they were having a sale. We Both saw these cheap Zero kits and made ourselves a contest to build them. I really liked this kit and I hope you do as well. I will try to find a link to his build as it is much better than mine so I can post it as well.

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  1. .Moved your narrative from the comment to the body of the article.

  2. Geoffrey,
    This one I really like. You have done an outstanding job on this. Superb...

  3. You've made an excellent model of this, very nicely finished. Did you use any aftermarket parts or accessories?

  4. very nice...outstanding pit...i all ways thought you lived in new orleans

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