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iModeler November Awards

December 4, 2013 · in Uncategorized · · 21 · 2.2K

Time to announce the results of our November (1st Anniversary) Contest. 117 new articles and 1230 comments were posted at iModeler during November, and the level of workmanship on display was indeed as good as it gets.

As usual, we are awarding the iModeler Best in Show title to the entry that wins this month's prize, but also list runner-ups as Honorable Mentions. We think that all are great modeling accomplishments that deserve recognition. The judging committee was @editor, @aisak and @magnusf.

iModeler Best in Show - November 2013

Having judged at many (perhaps too many...) modeling contests throughout the years, we have come to appreciate a vast array of different modeling styles. But experience also taught us that models which strike the perfect balance between the detail, finish and weathering are actually quite rare. Models that have "it" - the aura of ultimate realism that draws us into scrutinizing the scale creation over and over again with unending interest.

We think that Jan Baranec's ( @jan-baranec ) 1/48 Tamiya Me-262A-1a Schwalbe is such a model, and we're happy to award it this month's Best in Show.

Jan will be receiving our main prize this month, the Tamiya 1/32 Vought F4U-1 Corsair.

But wait, there is more! – the Random Award

We are also awarding a prize as a token of appreciation to all our contributors. This is selected through an entirely random draw among all the entries of the month. This time, our lucky winner is Emeterio de la Iglesia Blanco with his Eduard 1:48 Nieuport Ni-11 Weekend edition. A big thank you for making iModeler such a great modeling hangout!

Emeterio will be receiveng a kit from Eduard Weekend Edition series.

Honorable Mentions: 6 Extraordinary Finalists

(in no particular order)

1. WNW Albatros D.V (1/32) by Grega X
2. D-Day Plus 4 by Mike Maynard
3. The 1/48 Focke Wulf 190 A8-R2 5/jg4 “white 11? from Eduard by Rapid27
4. Jeff Thomsen - The First Guppy
5. P-51D-10 “Mustang” 1/32 Tamiya by Honza Petr
6. Jim Coatney - Wingnut Wings 1/32 Gotha G.IV

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21 responses

  1. Congratulations to all! What an amazing group of models. Well done!

  2. Congratulations Jan. A superb build and paint job. The standard of workmanship and the patience shown is borne out inthe master piece.
    Also a very well done to the honourable mentions, all were exceedingly great builds in their own rights.
    Once again the committee had an ardous task to select the winner, so a big well done to them.

  3. Just keeps getting better n better ! Congrats to all !

  4. Congratulations everyone! I have really enjoyed looking at the photos as they have been posted. The workmanship is great and it really offers me something to strive for as I learn and practise my skills at modelling.

  5. Wow...glad I didn't have to pick a "winner" from this group. All great builds!

  6. Well done and congratulations to all the November winners.

  7. Congratulations to all , the choice of first prize is correct but my favourite is still the Guppy... I love it, that degree of imagination and skill is hard to beat.

  8. Great job, guys. A wide selection of build-types and scales - something for everyone.

  9. Hello,

    Thank you so much and congratulations for the winner
    Best regards, Eric

  10. Hello guys,
    Thank you so much, It had to be hard to elect best model. I´m really happy for that. 🙂
    Greetings from Czech Republic

  11. Congratulation to everyone, especially Jan - looking forward to seeing the finished Corsair!

  12. A well deserved first price, congrats jan

  13. A high five to all the winners. keep them coming.

  14. A whole bunch of great models! Congratulations to all of the winners. Jan, I knew that 262 was a master-work when I first laid eyes on her! Wow!

  15. All excellent decisions and worthy winners.

  16. Jan and all of the winners,
    Congratulations to all of you for displaying your excellent work and superb skills. I would have hated to be put in a position to have to decide a winner amongst this group. Being associated with such fine modelers as yourselves is why I enjoy being a part of this site.
    Again, excellent work and congratulations.

  17. Jan, that is the finest paint finish I have ever seen on a model! I don't know how you judge that though, they are all amazing.

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