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Verlinden 120mm U.S. Grant

December 14, 2013 · in Figures · · 21 · 6.7K

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  1. That is terrific Bob. What kit did you use? Who sculpted it?
    Nice composition and lighting as well.

  2. "i care not what the enemy does out of my sight"- u.s. grant

  3. Looks Great. The hair and beard make it.
    My favorite Grant is, the night after day 1 of Shiloh, Sherman said to him, "had the Devil's own day today, didn't we?" and Grant replies, just so perfectly, "Yeah, lick 'em tomorrow though". I often think of this when a day goes pear-shaped, and nothing works right.

    • that's mine too bill...and lick em he did the next day...sherman was the best soldier in the entire army...but grant the master and commander...he knew just where and how to treat and use his people...the way he so carefully handled lee at appomattix was sheer brilliance...not so good in peace but the kind of man you want in war

  4. Bob,
    This is absolutely fantastic. I really admire excellent figure painters. A definite skill.

    • thank you frank...i was tearing through your ships yesterday...that 1/35 pt...then i looked up stan staples and pulled up a couple mustangs and b-24's...he used all most black olive drab and i figure he would know

  5. Great job there Bob , such fine rendering and subtle shading.
    Well done.

  6. Really nicely painted and photographed.

  7. Captures the mood perfectly. Your finish looks very realistic.

    • Hit the "go" button before I ask what paints you used & if the map came with the kit or did you reduce a picture?

      • hey al...thank you very much...the map came with the kit and the pencil...the only thing i added was the cigar and the coaster base...the paints were model master and testors enamels...but i use whatever i have...i'd have put tamiya over it if i needed to as i cut both with lacquer thinner...the dry brush high lighting was white oil which makes it look a little glossy in places but believe me i used plenty of dull coat

  8. That's just superb, Bob. Grant looks entirely lifelike there. Put him in a wooded clearing and photograph it in daylight and you'd easily convince me it was somehow real. Figures are one of those things I still don't feel I have "found the secret" with. I admire those who have, like you.

    • wow...thank you for that tom...the wooded setting is a wonderful idea...i'm still wrestling with the photography thing and i'm all ears...i all ways followed you on MM...lately i've looked up a couple of your movie reviews...i really like the gritty all most english sarcasm you use to express yourself...i'm a fan of o' talk straight yet colorfully

  9. One aspect of the hobby I'll never get right, figure modelers have a skill set all their own. Great effort and results, Bob, but you omitted the bottle of "snake bite medicine" he was so fond of.

  10. thank you mike...i doubt if he drank much more than the rest of his jealous incompetent contemporaries like meade ...hooker...mcclellen or burnside ...are you saying lee... jackson... longstreet and forrest were beat by otis the town drunk...some how i all ways gave those guys more credit than that...i think his drinking is a bit over rated...i'll bet most of them got desperately planted when they could...north and south...after all none of them were was a kill'in business


  12. Hi once again, Bob! @p38j

    Guess I saw all your figures posted here.

    Another great work indeed!

    Keep them coming, they are a real pleasure to the eyes, just looking at them, all your figures!

    Thanks for sharing.



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