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Verlinden Productions' kits and accessories

Verlinden Sapper of the Guard

The Napoleonic Sappers of the Guard were elite military engineers who played a crucial role in Napoleon Bonaparte's army during the Napoleonic Wars. These skilled and specialized soldiers were part of the Imperial Guard, tasked with [...]

Two Dragon 1/48 Messerschmitt 262b-1a

Red 10 and 6 were captured by the Allied and photographed while evaluated before being scrapped. Some data suggest that Red 6 had RLM 75 painted on upper wing surfaces instead of the RLM 82 presented here. Dragon's kit is a challenge to [...]

Galileo II, Shuttlecraft Star Trek TOS, Amt/Ertl. 1/40-1/35?

This is the original AMT Shuttlecraft as seen on the original series. 1997 appears on the box Ertl own AMT at this time. I attempt to do some inside detail work, but that has never been my forte. There is an alien squatter though taking a [...]

Advance on Kiev

Not much to say here really, tells its own story. -The bridge is from Mirage models, is basic but effective for what I wanted. -Barge is the old Verlinden kit that looks quite cool when put together. -Flak 38 is Dragon. -Kettenkraftrad is [...]

Adolf Galland, German Fighter Pilot Ace, WWII, 200mm Verlinden figure

The only 200mm figure I've ever made, it had to have some meaning. Him being a WWII fighter pilot Ace, and on top of that being my homonym, it was a good match 😉 Again, on the close-up, I notice the eyes could be better, but when [...]

US General Norman Schwarzkopf, 120mm Verlinden figure

Another 120mm Verlinden figure made in resin. I did this one mainly because I wanted to test the results of painting a camouflaged uniform. Overall I think it's not too bad. What do you guys think? Constructive critics welcome [...]

USAF Memphis Belle Crewman, WWII, 120mm Verlinden figure

Another 120mm resin Verlinden figure, this one is a crewman of the famous Memphis Belle B-17 bomber, the 1st one to have successfuly finished 25 missions (which allowed the crew members to "retire", back to the US; some did it, [...]

USAF Fighter Pilot, WWII, 120mm Verlinden figure

Ok, here go those Verkinden figures I did some 30-35 years ago or so. I don't have an acrylic protection for them so for all these years they have been collecting dust on shelves, moving from place to place a few times... Glad they are [...]

Knight circa 1300

Hi all, If I am not building biplanes I am probably painting a figure. This is another older work, the Verlinden knight in 120mm scale. Painted in enamels and artist's oils, I just wanted to do something interesting with some Heraldry and [...]

Verlinden Fantasy 120mm Resin “The Dungeonmaster”

Newest finished piece. This is The Dungeonmaster, a 120mm, 6 part resin kit from the now defunct company, Verlinden. I have had this kit for nearly 15 years, and finally decided I could do it justice. It was primed with Mr. Surfacer 1500 [...]