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What's your favorite hobby?

December 21, 2013 · in Aviation · 12 · 1.4K

Mine is writing blogs about World War II and some veterans I have met.

Before, this was my favorite hobby... Building model kits.
Why not combine both hobbies, one from the past with this one?

This is why I started writing a blog about my forgotten hobby and started looking for other Websites.

This is how I found this Website which looks pretty awesome.

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  1. As you can see I have to clean up my act...

  2. Here's how to do that. Get two old empty pump spray bottles. Fill both with water, then put some dishwashing soap in one (after filling, so it doesn't foam). Wash off dust with the soap bottle, rinse with the water bottle, allow to air dry.

  3. Hello Pierre. Welcome aboard from another newcomer. You were busy in the past and you sure have some kits to use to get familiar with the old hobby. Do you plan to work on the unbuilt kits or are you selling them off? I live just east of Toronto, in Courtice, and I see the Pierre Theodore jersey on the shelf, so wondering if you are in Quebec?

  4. Hi Allan,

    I live north of Montreal. I am not selling any kits, just trying to jump start my forgotten where I have left off. Been mostly occupied with my blogs about WWII since 2009. So I decided to start a blog about my forgotten hobby with a catchy title...

    About Jose Theodore, that belongs to my son when he was younger. I put it there for no reason.

    Are you a Montreal Canadians fan?

    • Follow the hockey season but not a really serious fan. Have always liked Les Canadiens though. Grew up in Windsor Ontario so Detroit Red Wings were always the home team.

  5. Airplane Tales from the Crypt. Nice collection, Pierre. Make more.

  6. Do I have any other choices?
    It's like jumping from a plane.
    I have just sorted out my Air Classics magazine collection.
    The first magazine I bought was olume 2 - Issue No. 3.
    I don't have the whole collection. From 1971 though 1980.

  7. Glad you're restarting the build up! I hope to see your finish work on the TBD-1 Devastator!

  8. That was not my first project. I had built one in the 1970s and gave it to a friend's wife who liked the yellow wings.
    A nice model kit.

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