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B-123 – proj.705K Lira (NATO: Alfa) – 1/400 (Maquette)

Again, one of my older models - this time a B-123 – proj. 705K (NATO: ) – class . It shows the sub in her 1990 guise. Building process was quite long (ca. 5 months) and although the shape of kit is fairly accurate, there was plenty of scratch building required. All the limber holes in the hull has been cut-out and some of the panel lines in its upper part has been scribed. Control surfaces in the tail has been cut off and propeller body has been made of epoxy putty (some spare PE parts were used to simulate x-shaped turbulence generator). Main propeller blades came from the Maquette kit. Cockpit, windscreen and covers of antennae-hatches are made of scratch. All antennaes and periscopes are made of medical needles and PE 'leftovers'.

15 additional images. Click to enlarge.

9 responses

  1. Stunning build! Remarkable details for a small scale subject, coupled with a wonderful painting

  2. Very nice! liked a lot. I think I'll have to try one sub one of this days... Any advice for first one?

  3. One of the best sub kits I've seen completed...outstanding work all around, sir.

  4. Especially given the small scale, this is an impressive level of scratched detail. I very much like the open „bridge“ on the top of the sail and the decent weathering. An Alfa-submarine in 1/144 would be great 😉

  5. I'm not much of a floaty thing guy, but this looks appropriately menacing - especially for the scale! Well done. Nice detail work you put into it - really stands out.

  6. A real eye catcher. Nice job!

  7. Very nice! Looks great.

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