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Dora's home

January 29, 2014 · in Armor · · 23 · 4.3K

Hi All, I'm not sure if there is another way to upload photos so I started a new article..? This is the rail yard I was describing in my last comment with Dora being the centre piece. As mentioned the rail yard is still a work in progress with the Karl Moser rail gun yet to be built with it's rail trucks along with other rail cars, another locomotive and additional armored vehicles. Again I added a number of figures to help "bring it to life" In all my years as a modeller I almost never built figures right up to building this rail yard but as I built it there seemed to be something missing and it was a friend of mine who suggested adding figures and it has made a big difference. And, of course, there had to be a fly guy buzzing the yard in his 109. The cabinet measures 8 feet wide by 4 feet high and 4 feet deep and I have had an absolute ball building it..! Did I mention that I'm retired..? :>) Have a great day everyone. Cheers, Bob

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  1. Bob , that is what I call a model railroad . I'd love to see a picture of the whole box . You did a great job .

  2. Unbelievable…it's going to be magnificent when complete. You are going to have a tough time topping this.

  3. Jaw-dropping workmanship, it! By the way, in the future, if you need to add and/or delete any photos or narrative, you need only click on your article and select "edit article" - once you've made any changes, simply repost the article and the changes will be done automatically. Hope that helps.

  4. fantastic modelling...i can see Burt Lancaster shinnying down that ladder in France...what that 1/72...what a piece of work

  5. Looks like you won't have trouble staying busy in your retirement.
    Your center piece is exceptional and this layout just accents that as well as being able to stand on it's own.

  6. All first rate. Not the sort of modelling that interests me personally but I can appreciate and admire the energy and detailing that it takes to produce an installation of this size and complexity.

    My rule is, if I can't carry it, then it's too big!

    Thanks for posting.

  7. Let's see, where would I put the snake...

    • Hi Frank, Ironically enough, the display case used to be the home of my python but I decided to make something bigger for her so when I finished that I looked at the empty display case and thought " what am I going to put in there" A couple of years later and lots of money later and lots of hours later sits my German rail yard and it's still not finished..! Cheers, Bob

  8. Totally magnificant Bob. Words fail me.
    One of the best dioramas I have seen ever.
    Excellant ...

  9. Once again I would like to thank everyone for their comments. I find it both gratifying and somewhat humbling. Most of my friends are not modellers and although they take the time to have a look at the display they really have no idea what's involved in building these thing but you guys do and to read your comments has meant a lot to me. I'm not big on model clubs and have never been a member of one nor did I have much to do with competitions as I could never quite agree with judging criteria, but that's a bit of a minefield so I won't say too much about that..,, I model for me and if I'm happy with the finished product then all is good in the world..!

  10. Wow! Words fail me...
    That's just incredible.

  11. Credit where it is due Bob, this is amazing!

  12. Fantastic, Bob, really great workmanship on something so rarely seen. I'd love to see the locomotive(s) that pulled this monster!

    • Hi George, Thanks for the comments. If you google the Dora rail gun you'll see photos of the 2 diesel electric locos that pulled the gun (1,350 Tonnes ). There are no models available ( Trumpeter take note...) at this time, though there is at least one modeller out there that scratch built the locos and if you think my model is big there is also a guy that scratch built the entire rail gun in 1/6th scale. No that isn't a typo... 1/6th scale..! Cheers, Bob

  13. Bob, First of all great work. Most people would get tired of such a detailed setup and all the work it involves but you came thru.
    Now the question is what do we do with guys like you? Do we applaud and slink away in shame not being able to match your work? Or? Do we have you skillfully assasinatted so we can all sleep better knowing that you won't be around to make us look like lazy bums?

    • Hmmmmmm... That wasn't quite the effect I was aiming for..! :>) I was thinking more of the inspirational aspect. But please feel free to applaud though not too much as my head is about to explode as it is with all the praise I have received..! I'd like to think ( as I do ) that fellow model builders will see things in my diorama that might generate ideas for them in the future as opposed to " how do I top that" So NO slinking away ya hear..! Keep doing your thing... Oh, on the subject of an assassin I might quote Steve Earl here, " I learned a thing or two from Charlie don't ya know" so go ahead and send them down. One way ticket should suffice..! :>) Thanks again Randy, Cheers, Bob

  14. Your work really fires my imagination . . .

    I wonder if Cherbourg harbor looked like this before D-Day.

    Or maybe Sevastopol or Odessa trembled to think these big boys were on the way to level their cities and defenses?

    Great work. Why not bring it to our next Ocala club meeting?

    • Hi Michael, Firstly I'm guessing Ocala is in Florida... so I've started a list of things I'll need to get the display to one of your meetings. So far I'm up to; a forklift, a 20 foot container, a rental truck to transport the display to Brisbane port, a ship going from Australia to LA I guess, then road transport across the U.S. for the display as well as myself then, of course, the necessary arrangements to get the thing back home. Have I left anything out..? :>) Cheers, Bob

  15. Bob, unbelievable and fantastic! This is the kind of thing that one needs to see every so often, so one does not become too infatuated with his own work. Very humbling. Very well done. Thanks so much for posting, and I hope your snake likes her new home!

  16. Hi Bob Sorry for late comment im new and was just having a look around and came across your Epic Diorama its Truly Jaw Dropping Mate
    that must have cost a fortune to produce My Hats Off To You Bob
    Bloody Fantastic it cant be far off being complete how much more can you squeeze in by the way i love the Me 109 nice touch
    Great stuff mate cant wait to see it complete you will have upload a s**t load photos Mate

    • Thanks Mark, I've been having a great time and getting a lot of pleasure out of building it and I liked the idea of building a marshalling yard that way I can, as you say, squeeze a bit more in without it looking wrong. ( Hopefully..! ) Cheers, Bob

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