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WNW Sopwith Snipe (late version)

January 6, 2014 · in Aviation · · 20 · 3.1K

Here is my WNW's Sopwith . The kit goes together very nicely. This is my first completed WNW kit and surely won't be my last. Paint was Tamiya acrylics. I used Bobe's EZ Line for the rigging and Gaspatch turnbuckles. I was able to do rigging on the main wings prior to attaching the top wing which made things a lot easier. The cockpit is a model unto itself and loaded with detail. It's a shame hardly any of it will be seen when you close up the fuselage.

There's not much more that I can say. It's already been said a thousand times over by others that have built Wingnut kits.

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  1. A beautiful model of a beautiful plane. The Snipe is easy on the eyes coming late to the party when it came to WWI. The rigging... separates the men from the boys.My only niggle ...more photos please.

    Two thumbs up.

  2. Dayum! That is a fabulous model Jeff! The cockpit just looks so real; you are right that it's a shame to conceal it. One can envision a "cut-away" approach in order to appreciate that detail. Great work here folks!

  3. Yep...what they said (nice photography, too).

  4. Great job on the Snipe! Yes, what more can be said about WNW? Superb! Agree about cockpit/interior detail. I built Roden's 1/32 Pfalz and felt the same, so on the one fuselage side, I cut away sections of the fuselage, painting the edges red, as a cut away to show interior detail. Doing it only on one side meant if you viewed it from that side, you saw the deatail, from the other side it looked normal. It looked good, I think it would be even better on a WNW kit?

  5. Yep, it's a beauty. Your rigging job is absolutely first rate!

  6. Looks great. To me, putting together a WWI kit with the rigging would be a huge challenge. You did a great job on the exterior and the interior details. I have heard much about WNW kits and nice to see one finished so well.

  7. Lovely build. Nice to see someone using Gaspatch buckles. Their recent Salmson kits are superb, albeit in 1/48, whereas recent preferences in Great War aircraft modelling seem to favour 1/32.

  8. The Name says it all. WNW kit.
    Superb build Jeff, Some great pics as well, as you said some of the detail is hidden but you know it`s there syndrome.
    A very well done on a great kit.

  9. Nice clean build, great photographic effort!

  10. Jeff,
    What a beauty. Not much into WW1, but I always liked the Snipe. The cockpit is a jewel. I love the wicker seat, it looks comfy! Interesting that the wooden prop looks like it's painted the same grey as the forward fuselage. Any reason for that? And your photography is great, the black background makes them "mood" pieces. Very well done, and thanks for posting.

    • Hi Robert,
      Thanks for the nice comments.

      As for the props WNW state in their instructions for the Snipe:

      "Almost all Sopwith Snipe propellers had their blades wrapped in linen and painted grey and display no manufacturer decals."

      My understanding is that they did this to protect the props from FOD...but that's only info gleaned from the internets and we all know about info found on the web... happy.gif

  11. That sure does build up real nicely and you did a topper job on it too.

  12. Nice work, Jeff. I'm finishing mine, and can say that their kits just get better and better as they get them more and more simple in assembly without losing detail. Peter Jackson's philosophy is the model has to be easy enough for him to build it, to be sure anyone who wants to can build one. A good philosophy.

  13. Jeff,
    Absolutely gorgeous. I have heard that WNW kits are outstanding and your model is just that, outstanding. It is quite obvious that your skills are a match to the kit to present this beautiful model. You have to be very proud of this. I just can't wait to see the next WNW kit you complete.

  14. Very attractive model, and, obviously, very well finished.

  15. that paint work is absolutely outstanding

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