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1/48 AMT Douglas A-20

February 4, 2014 · in Aviation · · 17 · 3.4K

this model represents an of the 66th BS of the 416 BG it was the the former, "Miss Laid" which was the first A-20 to complete 100 missions without a failure or an abort. In lieu of this accomplishment it was re-names "La France Libre" at a ceremony in Paris to honor this feat. Per a USAAF order all of the required aircraft participating during the D-Day operation were to have full invasion stripes. At that time, as "Miss Laid", it carried the full stripes. The USAAF order relating to invasion stripes required that all marking were to be removed after 30 days. This order was modified to allow aircraft to retain the stripes on the lower wing and over the fuselage or the lower portion of the fuselage. The time of the Paris ceremony was in November 1944 thus the top wing stripes have been removed. There is a photo on page 38 of the "A-20 in Action" book showing this aircraft taking off. It is clear from that photo that the upper wing stripes had been removed.

This is 's model and in my opinion is a great model. There may be a this or that that is incorrect but overall it is a wonderful kit. This is the second AMT A-20 that I have done and I have enjoyed each of them. To me it is a very good looking aircraft and it had a good reputation among it's crews.

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  1. It's hard to believe that any aircraft could do 100 missions without an abort of any kind. Says a lot for the ground crew.
    Good looking build as usual Frank.

  2. Frank, great piece of work on this very good looking aircraft, and a nice story. Love those prop tips, and the emergency raft, and the "stripes" on the upper surface are especially well done. Nice job!

  3. Yep...nicely finished rendition, sir - I like it.

  4. Frank, I love it ! I too, have a few in my stash. A nice kit, and you have done it well.

  5. Nice clean build Frank. What makes it interesting is the amount of "applied" research that makes your model so prototypical. Great job.

  6. that's about the best i've ever seen one of those done

  7. Outstanding! Here is another kit one hardly ever sees built despite the fact that AMT released the A-20 B, C, G, J, and P-70. What I find even more amazing than Frank's build-up of this kit is that Italeri re-boxed this kit without any extras and has the nerve to charge $35 to $40 for it when the original AMT boxing goes from $15 to $20.

  8. Hahahah "Miss Laid" and 100 times without an abortion must have been real careful with the condom issue hahaaha.
    Sorry. Very nice job on the model.

  9. Another superior build. Really nice job on one of my favorite a/c. Thanks for sharing, Frank!

  10. Hey Frank, it looks even better in person! Great job on a Great AC indeed. Love the subtle paint over on the upper invasion strips.

  11. Great build Frank as usual. Nice bit of history to go with it.
    Some great pics as well.
    Well done Frank.

  12. Great looking model Frank, A-20s have a great appeal, especially the later versions. I agree with you about the kit too, AMT produced a superb kit here, along with the Tigercat. Thanks for the pics.

  13. Thank you all of you for the very nice compliments. Much appreciated.

    FYI, a number of years ago I purchased quite a few AMT A-20's and Tigercats from a toy store going out of business. $7.00 a piece. That doesn't happen very often.

  14. Nice build, Frank! Seems the ETO A-20's are often overlooked, so it's nice to see one so well represented.

  15. Very nice Frank, The A20 is a fascinating aircraft. SAAF 24 Sqn pilots loved it and said it handled like a fighter. I wonder why the USAAF didn't strap some R2800's on it? I recon they could have modded the A20 to be a really hard hitting CAS machine. Probably a better platform than the B25?

  16. Very neat job, Frank, together with an interesting story and good photographs.

  17. Wow! Very nice! I remember buying this kit when it first came out and building it as the "Green Hornet"! I have all the versions AMT released, time to get crackin' on one!

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