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Dioramas. Attentionthe 43rd scale!)))

October 19, 2015 · in Diorama · · 20 · 2.7K

Hello! This time, I want to present the work of another of my friend. He's a big fan of 43rd scale! Enjoy watching!

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  1. Really like these…lots of detail and imagination, great weathering as well as super photos.

  2. Wow, very amazing.

  3. Maxim, my compliments to your friend. 43rd? Marvelous, love the compositions and the overall dios. He has a fine hand so far as weathering is concerned.
    I don't think that blonde is going to get her car into that garage, though!

  4. Some pretty nice work there, Maxim...your friend should become an iModeler member.

  5. Really nice work by your friend. Presumably the various vehicles are diecast that he modifies and weathers?

  6. Very nice and creative work. Your friend definitely has a thing for mud and rust!

  7. Very neat stuff, I wish I had talent. and your fiend is right, the internet is evil ! They are always watching! oooooh.

  8. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Very nice work and attention to details. By the pictures posted here, I can see this diorama angle as a very refreshing one.
    Do tell your friend, and I say so with all due respect ... The internet is not evil, people using it in the wrong way are. It is like ... The gun doesn't kill anyone ... people using the gun do.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  9. Thank you, colleagues, to your feedback has transferred to comrade - he was glad and satisfied)))

  10. Very inventive, and with an unusual set of subjects as well. Makes for a nice change.

  11. Maxim,
    Your friend is very clever and creative. These are very nice.

  12. I like the photographed backgrounds! 1/43 seems like an odd scale, but I bought all 4 Heller kits I found at a hobby shop just to sprinkle them around my 1/48 aircraft. (Close enough for me!) The dioramas seem very detailed for a smaller scale. I'd like to see more of the bus with the broken windscreen!

  13. Josh, one of the guys in my IPMS club builds 1/43rd racing cars, which I'd never heard of, 'til i saw his. I'm happy that Tamiya and lately Airfix are providing vehicles in 48th, to staff our airfields. 72nd, too, with their Bomber Support Group, diorama in a box, with the Airfix control tower, and Italeri Quonset hits.

  14. These are beautiful! Excellent work

  15. Beautiful. Just like when I learned how to drive, on a country road. Ended up in the ditch with a farmer having to pull us out with his tractor!

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