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1/32 Junkers J.1

March 29, 2014 · in Aviation · · 24 · 1.9K

This is the superlative kit. I built it pretty much straight from the box with the exception of the ignition wiring that I added with brass wire. The minimal control surface rigging at the rear of plane was done with stainless steel wire. The 12 push rods were also made from stainless steel wire. One small issue with the kit are the famous gaps on the top wing at the end of the ailerons. I filled them with spare corrugated plastic from the kit. I did add some extra supports to the open armoured engine compartment door using Plastruct tubing. I painted the kit with Humbrol enamels, including a 35+ year old tin of mauve. Waste nothing. The wood panels in the cockpits were done with oil paints over Model Master acrylic British Armor Sand. This was a lot of fun and provided confidence to tackle the Wingnut Bristol Fighter that has been mocking me from the stash for several years.

These kits are truly a treat, thank you Sir Peter and team!

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  1. Wow, Dont you just love those World War 1 German Colours!
    Wing Nut Wings the closest thing to perfection in Plastic.
    Gorgeous Model John Really Well done mate.

  2. You can't beat Wingnuts for WWI aircraft & yours is outstanding. I need to get back on my Albatros.

  3. Great build John, anyone who has the patience to rig a bi plane has my nod.
    They definitely had some loud schemes then.
    Well done sir.

  4. Fantastic looking model, John, really impressive.

  5. Now THAT is a different and unique looking AC. Love the paint scheme and attention to detail you put into this model.

  6. Purple camouflage? Who'd a thunk it! Great work on the engine! Was it water and air cooled? It looks like the jugs are finned, but it also looks like a water tank under the top wing plumbed to and from the engine. Also what are the red, white and blue cylinders under the gunner's position?
    Probably the biggest downer on these planes is that it seems WNW put so much detail into the cockpit, and then you only get a tiny opening to show off your work!
    Awesome build!

    • Thanks Josh. Water cooled 200hp Benz. That is the radiator under the wing. Pilots complained that they hit their heads on it! The colored cylinders are flares. The German purple/mauve shades came about to differentiate them from French camo. It's actually pretty effective, esp. through mist, fog, etc...

  7. That kit is still in my stash.Yours is beautiful, and the first I've seen done in at least two years, well done!

  8. John, a very beautiful work! Great detail and coloring.

    Best regards, Vlad.

  9. Nice build, John

    When I see one of these Junkers, especially the monoplane D-I and CL-I versions, I can't help but think of a corregated shed with an engine! Still, all were nimble, strong, and great ground-attack aircraft for their time.

  10. Really nice work. That was the first WNW kit I did and it really "fell together." The production design is excellent. You really created a masterpiece with this kit.

  11. Nice clean build.

  12. John

    My jaw dropped at this one ! The paint scheme is spot on and I think I heard the sound of the gunner firing a burst ! Kudos to you & Wing Nuts folks.

    Fly Low,

    Tom Berichon

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