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Hobby boss FW190-A8

March 6, 2014 · in Aviation · · 11 · 1.8K

Hi All, me again, well i dug the little camera out and did some snaps they are not all as clear as i would like them to be and some are clearer than i would like you know what they say about the camera it never lies well actually it can but thats a whole different story,
anyway here is my snap together FW190-A8 pretty much the same as the built in no time at all, the odd bit of Mr Surfacer here and there job done bring on the paint usual paints of choice Mr Aqueous Colour completely painted by free hand no masking at all ( im getting brave now iv got away with it a few times ) except the canopy which was done quite badly the rear of the canopy masking is a bit ehm wonky and the only other little faux pas was that for some reason the decal forming the red band near the tail wasn't quite long enough so i thought no probs ill just infill with a bit of red paint so next job was to line up both sides of the red band so they matched, then sod's law stepped up i could not get the decal to budge so if you look on the underside photo you can easily make out the miss alignment but hay ho its underneath so who cares,
This was done as one of my eBay sale aircraft but i didn't have the heart to sell it i thoroughly enjoyed doing this one and it kinda looked at home in the display cabinet and i really liked it
hope you like it more to follow


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  1. Love it Mark. Nice paint work.
    I posted a Hobby Boss 109 a while ago with your approach but of course I had to get carried away & hog out the cockpit area & put P.E. In there.

  2. That does look good, sometimes simple is best. Free hand job great, steady hands! Excellent job

  3. Exquisite detail for the scale (or any scale, for that matter)...nice work.

  4. Mark,
    Very nicely done. I can see why you want to keep it.

  5. Nice one Mark, looks the part.

  6. just beautiful all ways

  7. Nice clean build, great panel lines.

  8. That kit's nicer than I would expect (or your work makes it look better than it is, which I suspect is closer to the truth). The only thing that "gets" me is the side profile of that canopy - certainly not a criticism of your work, which is really excellent, and that you freehanded the painting in this scale and got such delicacy is a real accomplishment.

    • Cheers Tom, its all in the paint, my paint of choice is the Mr Hobby Aqueous Acrylic, even though its Acrylic i tend to thin it with either Cellulose Thinners or Mr Levelling Thinner,because for some reason when i try to be user friendly by using true acrylic's i.e. Vallejo or life colour and not try not to stink the house out with solvent fumes i dont do so well but when i use solvent based finishes i manage to get just what i want.

      When i did this model i had one of those evenings when (unusually for me ) every thing i did went on just as i wanted

      i wanted to do something subtle but i also wanted to try to show the contrast in the colours a little more so i slightly lightened the grey, the hardest thing was not to overdo the mottling which i have done in the past like i have said before i am learning that sometimes less is best,

      i have been using an airbrush for about 26 years now my first was a De-Vilbis Sprit Major i still have and it still works

      today i use a Harder& Steenbeck Infinity and a Iwata HP-BH that i picked up the last time i was in NewYork my point being that still after all that time you would think that using the Airbrush and mixing the paint to the right consistency would be like a second nature to me but its not i still to this day mix and re mix and play about with my paint until i get what i want rarely do i get it right first time.

      About the Canopy the only thing i think you mean is that the A-8 had the bulged style ? i am not sure i thought they had both styles fitted i am sure as the new A8 variant became operational and there were possibly plenty of old style canopies still available plus at this stage in the war i think there was a good deal of re-cycling going on, i am pretty sure your knowledge base is probably a lot better than mine so im probably telling you something your probably already aware of

      Anyway Tom thanks for the kind comments

      More to Follow i have a few left to show case i will leave what i consider to be one of my most enjoyable and at the same time a very easy build due to the kits being very simple and very very old and in some ways most interesting builds with regard to the finish.

      Cheers Tom


  9. You've done it again, a good looking model and and an interesting build story as well!

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