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Happy New Year, and a review of builds from 2019

First of all, Happy New Year to all of you.
I's been a while since my last posting here. Time has been limited maily due to a lot of work. The time left was spent with the family and actual building some models.
Next to work I'm also involved in organising model related events for two clubs, and that takes some time as well. But it's great to do I might add to this.
All in all I've managed to build the models in the photos attached. All in scale offcourse, my favorite.

Again wishing you a wonderful 2020 in every aspect, and hope to post a bit more by myself this year,

Cheers, Ferry

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

14 responses

  1. Nice collection, Ferry!

    And you're not the only one struggling with balancing work, family and modelling 🙂


  2. I wouldn't have guessed those were all 1/72, thought they were larger. Love the Invader and the German one, a Henschel?

  3. Nicely done Ferry! You and I think alike as to scale...!

    Have a prosperous New Year!

  4. Ferry, @therefueler
    You have been quite busy my friend ! These all look fantastic. My eyesight doesn't allow me to build smaller planes in 1/72 scale anymore. Because of this, I have drifted over to the larger scales. You guys who build 1/72 scale planes on a regular basis, and especially those whose finished products look as nice as yours do, have my utmost respect. Here's wishing us all a productive, happy, safe and healthy New Year.

    Well done. I'm looking forward to your next build...

    By the way, what is the ordnance suspended under the FW-190 ? Some sort of guided bomb ? I don't ever recall seeing one exactly like this before. I have seen the Henschel "smart bombs" and a few others like it before, but never one quite like what you have on the 190...

  5. Very sweet collect Ferry.. it may again sound cliche for me to say, but I too was fooled into thinking these were of a larger scale. I browsed through you gallery on a work break earlier and was impressed, only to come back this evening and find out they are all 1/72! Well done, have a prosperous New Year!

  6. Nice line up! What kit is the Arado sea plane?

  7. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    A very nice collection Ferry, they all seem to be of a TIME WELL SPENT class.
    Hope to see more of your work.
    Happy New Year!

  8. Happy new year Ferry, a lovely clean collection of models built last year !

  9. Happy new year, great collection👍

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