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Meng Char 2C 1/35

March 12, 2014 · in Armor · 11 · 2.7K

This is the Meng kit, I can't say enough about the engineering of the kit, it's the best I've ever encountered. I haven't weathered or decalled it yet, (weathering will be 'severe', the upper run tracks make a real mess, according to the pictures I've seen) The Char 2C story is part tragedy, but mostly farce. Designed in 1917, two prototypes were built during the war (the 2A and 2B) and 200 were requested for the 'final offensive' of 1919, but none were built. In 1920, with slack available in the war industries, 10 2C's were built in 1921. Taken in and out of service in the 30's, eight were recommissioned in 1939, but did not see any action, other than in propaganda films for the French populace. In 1940 they were loaded onto flatcars to be shipped south, but German bombing blocked the tracks, and they were sabotaged by their crews. (German propaganda claimed they were knocked out by Stukas, not true). The heaviest tank (at 69 tons) until the King Tiger, it had a crew of 12, and obviously influenced thirties designs such as the Soviet T-28 and T-35.

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  1. Very Nice Merrill i cant wait to see it down and dirty
    It must have been bloody awful inside that thing 12 guys shoe horned in,
    Meng are really taking off in a big way they produce some gorgeous kits
    Great Build Merrill

  2. This is something new to me, interesting history in regard to this French tank. Doesn't look that big. Would like to see how big it is compared to a King Tiger, Sherman or Cromwell. Nice it looks weathered already. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I didn;t mention it in my 'blurb', but I bought the kit in part because of it's Jules Verne/steampunk look, it's just weirdly neat. FCM, the manufacturer, was a shipbuilding concern, but they used a lot of Renault engineering consultation.

  4. You got my attention when you said it had a crew of 12. What a monster. Yours is a looker. If you plan to repost after weathering put it next to something that will show the scale.

  5. I was thinking of posing it in a wholly fictional encounter with the Tamiya PzII.

    • I think because of the unusual (and interesting) subject, it would be good to see it in a dramatic setting, but then I think all model armour benefits from the vignette treatment.

      Nice job.

  6. Brilliant looking build Merrill,but a TWELVE man crew ? what did they all do? ,that's more than the crew of a heavy bomber ,more information please.
    Cheers N.

  7. A huge tank, 12 crew , looks good Merrill

  8. Nice "clean" build, so far. Not an armor builder but I like unusual tanks like this. Scratch building a flat car and putting this tank on it would make a great diorama, and more interesting than the usual "mud, dust and rust" most builders produce. Think outside the box!

  9. Meng certainly pick some unusual prototypes, and this is really impressive. It would be good to see it photographed in such a way to show off its size.

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