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What can you do in four days?

March 5, 2014 · in Aviation · · 9 · 1.2K

The answer is... A in 1/48 scale.

Instead of enjoy the carnival in Brasil, I decided to stay at home (much more safe) and finish my client´s request for another Marines training bird. The 1/48 scale Goshawk.
Just like the Special Hobby Buckeye this model have some problems with the wing and fuselage joint and intakes fittings as well. But nothing dificult to solve with epoxi putty. The build was finished today. Just a few minutes ago. The paint was done with Tamiya acrilic paints. I hope you like it!

I had problems with the decals, and I made a huge mistake by decaling the modex numbers backwards. I´m already get in touch with my client and he doesn´t mind about that...

Best regards

Daniel Iscold

AFTER BUILD: My client call me and tell me about the color of the intakes lips. They are red instead of black. Yes gentlemen this is the life when you do comission builds. RULE #1: The client always right RULE #2: The client must be happy RULE #3: Be prepared to repaint a finished model.
Late at night I´ll post here some pictures of the corrected model.

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9 responses

  1. Really clean build. Did you eat or sleep in those four days?

  2. Daniel,
    Absolutely stunning. Amazing that you did this in four days. Your client has to be thrilled with this.

  3. Fantastic work Daniel, Four Days WOW great result in very little time

  4. Excellent build, sir...I guess after seeing this, I should relegate mine to the bottom of pile...(sigh).

  5. all most perfect

  6. Nice build Daniel, I can safely say that I have never heard of this plane until now.
    Well done Daniel.

  7. Red/black, who cares? This is a marvelous model, no matter how long you took to build it.

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